The Alternative Hebrew Dictionary: כושי

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כושי 〈kwşy〉
adjective: {{he-adj}}
  1. (literally) Kushite, Cushite: of, from, or pertaining to Kush in ancient northwestern Africa.
  2. (offensive, by extension) Black: being a black person.
  • (black) This adjective is often pejorative and is usually considered offensive; it is perhaps comparable to English Negro or colored.
noun: {{he-noun}}
  1. (literally) A (male) Kushite, Cushite.
  2. (offensive, by extension) A (male) black person.
    • 2009 August 11, דניאל אדלסון 〈dnyʼl ʼdlswn〉 (Daniel Edelson), "[,7340,L-3759911,00.html צעירה אתיופית: 'נהג אגד אמר שלא מסיע כושים'] 〈[,7340,L-3759911,00.html ẕʻyrh ʼţywpyţ: 'nhg ʼgd ʼmr şlʼ msyʻ kwşym']〉" (tz'irá etiópit: "nahág éged amár sheló masía kúshim", “Young Ethiopian Woman: 'Eged driver said he doesn't drive kúshim”), .
  • See the usage notes for the adjective, above.

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