The Alternative Hindi Dictionary: भाई

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भाई 〈bhā'ī〉 etymology From Prakrit, from an Old-Indo-Aryan language, akin to Sanskrit भ्रातृ 〈bhrātr̥〉, from Proto-Indo-Iranian, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰréh₂tēr 〈*bʰréh₂tēr〉. Cognates include Persian برادر 〈brạdr〉, Ancient Greek φράτηρ 〈phrátēr〉, Latin frāter, Old Norse bróðir and Old English brōþor (English brother). pronunciation
  • [bʱaːi]
noun: {{hi-noun}}
  1. brother
  2. (figurative, colloquial) dude, friend, bro
related terms:
  • भ्रातृ 〈bhrātr̥〉 (bhrātṛ), भ्राता 〈bhrātā〉 (bhrātā)
Synonyms: (dude, friend) यार 〈yāra〉

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