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etymology 1 From Old Irish oc. Akin to agus. Compare Scottish Gaelic aig. pronunciation
  • (particle)
    • [ə] before a consonant
    • [əɡ], [əɟ] before a vowel
  • (preposition) [ɛɟ]
particle: {{head}}
  1. particle used with the verbal noun to make a progressive aspect: exampleag siúl walking exampleag gáire laughing exampleag ithe eating exampleag ól drinking
preposition: {{ga-prep}}
  1. at
  2. of, for {{i}} exampleBhí sé go deas ag Cáit a dhul leat. It was nice of Cáit to go with you. exampleTá sé éasca agat sin a rá. It’s easy for you to say that.
  3. of {{i}} exampleTá go leor acu anseo. There are plenty of them here. exampleTá duine againn tinn. One of us is ill.
  4. of {{i}} examplean teach seo againne this house of ours examplena bróga sin agatsa those shoes of yours
  5. used with forms of to indicate possession in place of a verb meaning ‘have’ exampleTá teach ag Seán. Seán has a house.
  6. used with forms of and a past participle to indicate a perfect tense exampleTá an teach péinteáilte ag Seán. Seán has painted the house.
  7. {{n-g}} exampleTá Spáinnis agam. I can speak Spanish. exampleTá caint agam. I can talk. exampleTá ceol agam. I can make music.
etymology 2 Reduced form of chuig, assimilated in all forms to Etymology 1. pronunciation
  • (preposition) /ɛɟ/
preposition: {{ga-prep}}
  1. (colloquial) alternative form of chuig exampleTá mé ag dul ag an dochtúr. I’m going to the doctor

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