The Alternative Japanese Dictionary: うち

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うち 〈uchi〉 pronunciation
  • /ɯ˩.tɕi˥/
  • /ɯ˥.tɕi˩/ (pronoun sense 3)
noun: {{ja-noun}}
  1. {{ja-def}} house, one's home
  2. {{ja-def}} inside, one's own
pronoun: {{ja-pos}}
  1. {{ja-def}} one's family
  2. {{ja-def}} we, our (referring to one's in-group)
  3. {{ja-def}} (Kansai, informal) I, me (used by women and girls)
  4. {{ja-def}} my spouse
  5. (informal) I, me (used by girls since the 90s)

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