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うんこ 〈unko〉 etymology From うん 〈un〉 + suffix 〈ko〉.{{R:Kokugo Dai Jiten}} pronunciation {{ja-pron}}
noun: {{ja-noun}}
  1. (childish) poop, doo-doo (faeces, excrement)
An informal and somewhat childish word; compare the more formal 大便. While うんこ 〈unko〉 (unko) is sometimes given as a literal translation of English interjection shit! as an expression of displeasure, this is inaccurate, as unko! sounds more like someone saying “Oh turd!” or “Oh doo-doo!” in English. Rather, the vulgar くそ 〈kuso〉 or the less vulgar ちぇ 〈che〉 may be used, while the most common expression of displeasure is しまった 〈shimatta〉.
verb: {{ja-verb-suru}}
  1. (childish) to poop, to shit
Synonyms: {{ja-r}}: poop, turd, {{ja-r}}: bowel movement, stool, {{ja-r}}: shit, excrement

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