The Alternative Japanese Dictionary: うんち

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うんち 〈unchi〉 etymology From うん 〈un〉{{R:Kokugo Dai Jiten}} + 〈chi〉, a suffixing element of unclear derivation; possibly related to the directional nominalizer 〈chi〉 also seen in words like こっち 〈kotchi〉, どっち 〈dotchi〉. pronunciation {{ja-pron}}
noun: {{ja-noun}}
  1. (childish) poop, shit, feces
verb: {{ja-verb-suru}}
  1. (childish) to poop, to shit
Synonyms: {{ja-r}}: poop, turd, {{ja-r}}: bowel movement, stool, {{ja-r}}: shit, excrement

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