The Alternative Japanese Dictionary: ぜ

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〈ze〉 {{stroke order}} pronunciation
  • /ze/, [ze̞]
etymology 1 {{Hira-dakuten}}
syllable: {{ja-syllable}}
  1. {{Hira-def}}
related terms:
  • For a list of words starting with ぜ (ze), see:
etymology 2 Appears in the as alteration from older zoe, itself likely {{rendaku}} applied to the stem soe of verb 添える 〈tiāneru〉, 副える 〈fùeru〉. See also そえに 〈soeni〉, さえ 〈sae〉.
particle: {{wikipedia}} {{ja-pos}}
  1. (colloquial) sentence-ending particle signifying emphasis
Similar to 〈zo〉, 〈ze〉 is mostly used by males. Unlike 〈zo〉, 〈ze〉 is never considered polite, and is considered somewhat more forceful and rougher or informal than 〈zo〉.
etymology 3 Reading of various kanji.
noun: {{ja-noun}}
  1. {{ja-def}} approval, agreement
suffix: {{ja-pos}}
  1. {{ja-def}} (honorific) suffix attached to certain nouns referring to people

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