The Alternative Japanese Dictionary: アイス

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アイス 〈aisu〉 etymology Borrowing from English ice.{{R:Kokugo Dai Jiten}}{{R:Daijirin}} pronunciation {{ja-pron}}
noun: {{ja-noun}}
  1. ice
  2. ice cream, icecream
  3. (slang, archaic, c. mid-late Meiji period) loan shark, usurer
In the sense of usurer, this word emerged as a play on words, as 高利貸し 〈gāo lì dàishi〉 and 氷菓子 〈bīng guǒ zi〉 have the same readings. This led to usurers being referred to as アイスクリーム 〈aisukurīmu〉, shortened to just アイス 〈aisu〉 (aisu).{{R:Kokugo Dai Jiten}}{{R:Daijirin}} Synonyms: (ice) {{ja-l}}, {{ja-l}} (kōri); {{ja-l}}, {{ja-l}} (hi)

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