The Alternative Japanese Dictionary: ゴム

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ゴム 〈gomu〉 pronunciation
  • {{ja-accent-common}}{{R:NHK Hatsuon}}
  • [ɡo̞mɯᵝ]
etymology 1 {{wikipedia}} From Dutch gom.{{R:Kokugo Dai Jiten}} Alternative forms: {{ja-l}} (rare)
noun: {{ja-noun}}
  1. rubber (pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree)
  2. abbreviation of 消しゴム ({{ja-l}}, {{ja-l}})
  3. (slang, sexuality) a condom
etymology 2 {{wikipedia}} From Persian قم 〈qm〉.
proper noun: {{ja-pos}}
  1. Qom, a city and province in west-central Iran

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