The Alternative Japanese Dictionary: ゴロゴロ

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Entry definition

ゴロゴロ 〈gorogoro〉
adverb: {{ja-pos}}
  1. (onomatopoeia) with the sound of thunder
  2. (onomatopoeia) with a rumble
  3. (onomatopoeia) with a growl
  4. (onomatopoeia) with a purr
  5. (onomatopoeia) rolling
  6. (onomatopoeia) ubiquitously
  7. (onomatopoeia) idly passing the time
noun: {{ja-noun}}
  1. (childish) lightning and thunder
Synonyms: {{l/ja}}
verb: {{ja-verb-suru}}
  1. (onomatopoeia) to thunder
  2. (onomatopoeia) to rumble
  3. (onomatopoeia) to roll
  4. (onomatopoeia) to growl
  5. (onomatopoeia) to purr
  6. (onomatopoeia) to be everywhere in the world
  7. (onomatopoeia) to pass the time idly

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