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SEX etymology From English sex. Alternative forms: {{ja-r}}, SEX 〈SEX〉 pronunciation
  • /, [se̞kkɯ̥ᵝsɯ̥ᵝ]
noun: {{ja-noun}}
  1. sex, sexual intercourse
    • ウディ・アレンの誰でも知りたがっているくせにちょっと聞きにくいSEXのすべてについて教えましょう 〈udi・arenno shuídemo zhīritagatteirukusenichotto wénkinikuiSEXnosubetenitsuite jiàoemashou〉 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (a film of 1972)
    • ルシアとSEX 〈rushiatoSEX Sex and Lucia (a film of 2001)
Usually written in all caps. Synonyms: {{ja-r}}: sexual intercourse, {{ja-r}}: a sexual act, sexual intercourse, {{ja-r}}: (slang) sex
verb: {{ja-verb-suru}}
  1. to have sex
    • 1994, 中谷彰宏, 大人の恋の達人: {{ja-usex}}

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