The Alternative Korean Dictionary: ㄹ게

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ㄹ게 〈lge〉 Alternative forms: {{ko-l}} (after consonants), {{ko-l}} / {{ko-l}} (official until 1988)
inflectional suffix: {{ko-suffix}}
  1. (informal) A verbal suffix expressing future tense, a promise (I, we) promise {{ko-usex}}
The —ㄹ게 〈—lge〉 (-lge) form is only used after verb stems ending in vowels. For verb stems ending in consonants, the form {{ko-l}} is used instead. The —ㄹ게 〈—lge〉 (-lge) form is used in informal non-polite speech (해체), and the —ㄹ게요 〈—lgeyo〉 (-lgeyo) form is used in informal polite speech (해요체). There is no form in formal speech (해라체, 하십시오체), and {{ko-l}} is used instead.

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