The Alternative Korean Dictionary: 개저씨

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개저씨 〈gaejeossi〉
noun: {{ko-noun}}
etymology From {{ko-l}} + {{ko-l}}. (-저씨 is the suffix of 아저씨, a common Korean term for middle-aged elder males. pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
noun: {{ko-noun}}
  1. (offensive, vulgar) older bastard; elder son of a bitch
usage notes=: The term 개저씨 is a recent innovation in Korean, effectively a portmanteau of the slur (dog) and the title 아저씨, used to refer to older males who abuse their age-rank in social situations. It could be considered as a special case of (or pun on) the slur 개자식, although it is closer in tone and vulgarity level to insults like 개새끼. Synonyms: {{ko-l}}

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