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aridus Alternative forms: ardus (less common) etymology From the verb āreo, akin to ārdeō. pronunciation
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  1. dry, parched, withered, arid Montes aridi sterilesque. Parched and barren mountains. Arida ligna. Dry wood. Terra arida et sicca. An arid and dry ground.
  2. (of things) dry, lean, meagre, shrivelled; withered (e.g. from disease) Uvis aridior puella passis. A damsel drier than the raisin'd grape. Vita horrida atque arida. Rough and meagre life.
  3. (rhetorical style) uninspired, jejune, spiritless Aridi magistri. Uninspired teachers. Sicci omnino atque aridi pueri. Sapless lads, altogether, and dry.
  4. (slang) avaricious, someone greedy or stingy (confer the tongue-in-cheek term Argentiexterebronides)
  • Sometimes used of thirst; and
  • Of a fever meaning to "cause thirst"; used with febris and morbus
  • Of color; .
  • Also used of cracking or snapping sound, as when dry wood is broken; and both refer to a a dry, grating, half-crackling sound, as in
  • English: arid (borrowed)
  • French: aride

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