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caco etymology From a Proto-Indo-European root *kakka-. Compare Old Irish cacc, Ancient Greek κακκάω 〈kakkáō〉, Middle Armenian քաք 〈kʻakʻ〉, Russian ка́кать 〈kákatʹ〉. pronunciation
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verb: {{la-verb}}
  1. (vulgar) I defecate, shit, pass excrement. culus tibi purior salillo est, nec toto decies cacas in anno (your anus is purer than a little salt-cellar, and you defecate no more than ten times in a whole year) — poem 23 (translation adapted by H. J. Walker)
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  • Aromanian: cac, cãcari
  • Catalan: cagar
  • Dalmatian: cacuor
  • Franco-Provençal: cacar
  • French: chier, caguer
  • Friulian: cjiâ, čhiâ
  • Galician: cagar
  • German: kacken
  • Italian: cacare
  • Occitan: cagar
  • Portuguese: cagar
  • Romanian: căca, căcare
  • Sardinian: cacare, cagai, cagare
  • Sicilian: cacari
  • Spanish: cagar
  • Swedish: kacka
  • Turkish: kaka
  • Venetian: cagar

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