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caudex etymology Uncertain, but some have connected it to Proto-Indo-European *h₃osk- 〈*h₃osk-〉, the same source as Welsh onnen, Latin ornus, Lithuanian úosis, Russian я́сень 〈ấsenʹ〉, Albanian ah, Ancient Greek ὀξύα 〈oxýa〉, Old Armenian հացի 〈hacʻi〉. The connection stems from the assumption that Indo-Europeans used hollowed out ash trees as boats and skiffs.Schrader, Prehistoric antiquities of the Aryan peoples: a manual of comparative philology and the earliest culture pronunciation
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Alternative forms: cōdex
noun: {{la-noun}}
  1. A tree trunk, stump.
  2. A bollard; post.
  3. A book, writing; notebook, account book.
  4. (pejorative) A bollard, blockhead, idiot.

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