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fello etymology From Proto-Indo-European *dʰeh₁(y)- 〈*dʰeh₁(y)-〉. Cognates include Sanskrit धयति 〈dhayati〉, Ancient Greek θηλή 〈thēlḗ〉 and Old Church Slavonic доити 〈doiti〉. Related to fēmina, fīlius, fētus. pronunciation
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verb: {{la-verb}}
  1. I suck.
  2. (vulgar) In particular, I fellate.
  • 1st century AD, , Epigrams 2.50 Quod fellas et aquam potas, nil, Lesbia, peccas: qua tibi parte opus est, Lesbia, sumis aquam. (Because you suck [cock] and drink water, Lesbia, you err in nothing: in just the part you ought to be, Lesbia, you're making use of the water)
  • English: fellate

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