The Alternative Latvian Dictionary: filozofisks

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filozofisks etymology From filozofija + isks. Probably not derived as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from another European language.
adjective: {{lv-adj}}
  1. philosophical relating to philosophy filozofiskais materiālismsphilosophical materialism filozofiskā doma, dzejaphilosophical thought, poetry filozofiska diskusija, doktrīnaphilosophical discussion, doctrine filozofisks vispārinājumsphilosophical generalization
  2. (colloquial) think deep, speculating Roberts, filozofisku pārdomu mocīts, iziet ārā lietū un negaisā — Roberts, tormented by philosophical reflection, went outside, into the rain and storm
related terms:
  • filozofija
  • filozofs, filozofe

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