The Alternative Lithuanian Dictionary: dengti

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etymology 1 From Proto-Balto-Slavic *deng-. The meaning "dress, cover" is preferable to Mažiulis's suggestion of "bend" as suggested by (cf.dangà) in view of Ukrainian одягти́ 〈odâgtí〉,{{R:Derksen 2015|121|122}} Old High German tungen, Proto-Germanic *dungō. Ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *dʰengʰ-; see also dangà pronunciation /ˈdʲɛŋk.tʲɪ/
verb: {{lt-verb}}
  1. cover place or be over or upon tamsus debesis deñgia dañgų. - Dark clouds cover the sky. ji valgomasis deñgė stalas. - She laid out a spread on the dining room table.
  2. clothe, dress žemė visì dengė ir̃ maitino. - Their land fed and clothed all of them.
  3. defend, advocate vindicate
  4. (sport) mark focus defensive activities on a certain player
related terms:
  • dangus, danga
  • dingti
etymology 2 Connected to Latvian diegt, Belarusian dialectal дзя́жыць 〈dzấžycʹ〉.
verb: {{lt-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) rush etc. move, consume or beat etc., with haste or urgency

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