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ти 〈ti〉 etymology From Church Slavic тꙑ 〈tꙑ〉, from Proto-Slavic *ty, from Proto-Indo-European *túh₂ 〈*túh₂〉. pronunciation
  • /ti/
pronoun 1: {{head}}
  1. (informal singular) you Ти ми рече дека се најдобрите ученици во класот. You told me that they're the best students in the class.
  • The personal pronoun "ти" is comparable to the Italian "tu" or the German "du" and is used only with family, closer friends, and younger people (especially ones of a lower status). On other occasions, the formal "Вие" should be used instead instead.
pronoun 2: {{head}}
  1. Short indirect object form of ти 〈ti〉.

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