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tirma etymology Related to Algerian Arabic ترمة 〈trmẗ〉 (terma). The term possibly traces back to an old dialect word "ṯulma", meaning breach, hole, gap.Wortatlas der arabischen Dialekte, Band I: Mensch, Natur, Flora und Fauna. Brill, 2010. Possibly related to dialectal Arabic طيز 〈ṭyz〉. pronunciation
  • /ˈtɪrmɐ/
noun: {{mt-noun}}
  1. (anatomy) anus, rectum
  2. (anatomy, vulgar) backside, ass, arse, buttocks
  3. (vulgar) asshole
related terms:
  • sorm
  • toqba tas-sorm
  • rektum

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