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a viente! (interjection) back at you! note This is a very useful and common comeback used when someone is insulting your "madre"; see also "madre". It is basically a nonsense phrase that sames "same to you!" (Mexican slang).
abadesa (noun, fem.) pimp note This term refers to a female or male pimp. Its other meaning is "head of the house". It is pronounced "ah-bah-DE-sa". (Mexican slang).
acostarse con rosemaria (phrase) to smoke marijuana note Literally...."to go to bed with rosemary" (in reference to the herb). (Mexican slang)
aduana (noun, fem.) whorehouse note Also means "customs station". (Mexican slang)
agarraderas (noun, fem., plural.) tits note This term is derived from agarrar (verb, trans.). Thus, this actually means "things to grab". (Mexican slang)
aguacates (noun, masc.,plural) testicles note (lit) avocados; (Mexican slang)
aguayon torneado (noun, masc.) (adj., masc.) testicles note (Mexican slang)
albondigas (noun, fem., plural) testicles note This term literally means "meatballs" or "fishballs". It is pronounced "al-BONE-dee-gaas". (Mexican slang).
alimentos (noun, masc., plural.) tits note Literally, this word means "food allowance" or "alimony". (Mexican slang)
andar con el cutis flojo (phrase) to have diarrhea note This phrase actually means...." to walk around with loose skin". (Mexican Spanish)
andar con mal tapon (phrase) to have constipation note This phrase actually means...." to walk around with a defective cork". This phrase is used as an insult when talking to someone who is uptight. (Mexican slang)
andar jineteando alazon (phrase) to menstruate note The term "alazon" is a reddish-brown plant with sour juice. (Mexican slang)
angel custodio (noun, masc.) (adj., masc.) condom note (lit) guardian angel. It is pronounced "AHN-jail cus-toe-DIO". (Mexican Spanish)
angel de la guardia condom note (lit) guardian angel; see also angel custodio. (Mexican Spanish)
aniz anus note This term is basically a Mexican parroting of the word "anus". It is pronounced "AHN-niece". (Mexican Spanish)
aparato (noun, masc.) penis note (lit) apparatus; (Mexican slang)
apedrear (verb, trans.) to reek of shit note Also, has another meaning: "to stone to death". (Mexican slang)
apretada (noun, fem.) a young woman who is snobby and very frigid (not necessarily a virgin), who has little or no sexual experience note As an adjective, it means "tight" and "stingy". (Mexican slang)
aracata (noun, fem.) marijuana note (Mexican Spanish)
atizar coliflor tostada (phrase) to smoke marijuana note Literally...."to smoke toasted cauliflower". (Mexican slang)
atizar mota (verb, trans.) (noun, fem.) to smoke marijuana note Literally...."to stir the powder". (Mexican slang)
avergallon (noun, masc.) masturbation of the penis note see also vergallo; (Mexican slang).
ay joven! (interjection) note This is a popular comeback said in response to someone who is talking about their "dick". More or less, it means..."Oh yeah, the small one!" (Mexican slang)
ayotes (noun, masc., plural) testicles note This term literally means "pumpkins"; (Mexican slang).


bacalao (noun, masc.) cunt note (lit) codfish; (Mexican slang)
bastardiar (verb) to have sex outside of marriage note This term literally means "to produce bastards". (Mexican slang)
berreadero (noun, masc.) whorehouse, brothel note (Mexican Spanish)
bombear (verb, trans.) to have sex outside of marriage note This term literally means "to pump". (Mexican slang)


calabazo (noun, masc.) buttocks or rump note It is pronounced "cah-la-BAH-so". (Mexican slang).
chilito (noun, masc.) little dick note pronounced "chee-lee-tow"; (Mex. Spanish). Watch out! A chilito is also a food item on the menu at Taco Bell. In Mexico, however, it is a BIG insult!
chinaloa opium or pure heroin note see also "chocalate de fu man chu". (Mexican slang)
chingalo! (phrase) fuck it! note This interjection is derived from chingar (verb, trans.). It is pronounced "CHEEN-gah-low"; (Mexican Spanish).
chingate (verb) fuck you note pronunced "cheen-ga-tay" (Mex. Spanish)
chis piss note As an interjection, it can also mean "shh!" or "pst!"; (Mexican slang).
chocalate de fu man chu opium or pure heroin note see also "chinaloa". (Mexican slang)
chocho (noun, masc.) cunt note (Mexican slang). It can also mean "an old person ready for death." It is pronounced "CHO-cho".
chora (noun, fem.) marijuana note It is pronounced "CHO-rah". (Mexican slang)
chucha cuerera (noun, fem.) (adj., fem.) slut; a very sexually experienced female note (Mexican slang)
chuperson (noun, fem.) penis note It is pronounced "chew-pear-SON". (Mexican slang)
colgados (noun, masc., plural) old tits note This term refers to the withered titties of old ladies. As an adjective, it means to frustrate. (Mexican Spanish)
cusca (noun, fem.) slut note (Mex. Spanish)


el de atras (phrase) asshole note (lit) "the thing in your bottom". (Mexican slang)
el sin mangas (phrase) condom note (Mexican slang)


grifear (verb) to smoke marijuana note (Mexican Spanish)
grifo drug-induced intoxification note This term can also refer to someone who is constantly "strung out" on drugs. (Mexican slang)
gumersinda (noun, fem.) raw heroin, crude opium note (Mexican slang)


hierba (noun, fem.) marijuana note This term literally means "grass" or "herb"; (Mexican Spanish). (see also "yerba")


impermeable (noun, masc.) condom note Actually, this is the Spanish word for "raincoat". (Mexican slang)
ir a desgastar el petate (phrase) to have sex note Literally..."to wear down the bedding". (Mexican slang)
ir a desvencigar la cama (phrase) to have sex note Literally..."to go break the bed". (Mexican slang)
ir a hacer de las aguas (phrase) to have sex note Literally..."to go make some water". (Mexican slang)
ir a la junta de consiliacion (phrase) to have sex note Literally..."to go to a meeting". (Mexican slang)
ir a la lucha super libre a calzon (phrase) to have sex note Literally..."to go remove clothing". (Mexican slang)
ir a percudir el cochon (phrase) to have sex note Literally..."to tarnish the matress". (Mexican slang); pronounced "ear ah pear-cu-DEER el coal-CHON".
ir a rechinar la cama (phrase) to have sex note Literally..."to make the bed squeak". (Mexican slang)
ir a un entierro (phrase) to have sex note Literally..."to go to the grave". (Mexican slang)


lina (noun, fem.) line of cocaine note (Mex. Spanish)


madama (noun, fem.) female pimp or head of the whorehouse note Mexico has many "madamas" and also several nicknames for them. (Mexican slang)
madre superiora (noun, fem.) (adj., fem.) female pimp note (lit) mother superior; (Mexican slang)
madrina (noun, fem.) female pimp note (Mexican slang)
madrota (noun, fem.) female pimp note (Mexican slang)
malva (noun, fem.) marijuana note (Mexican slang)
mamey cunt note It is pronounced "MAH-may". (Mexican Spanish)
manchas (noun, fem. plural) tits note Its other meaning is "spot" or "stain". It might not be wise to use this as an interjection since it also means "wet paint!". (Mexican Spanish)
manga (noun, fem.) condom note (Mexican slang)
mango (noun, masc.) very sexy man note (Mex. Spanish); This term actally refers to the enticing taste of the tropical fruit. An example of its usage: "Chihuahua!!! Mire a ese mango!!!"
mango de manila (phrase) sexy woman note (Mexican slang)
mariscala (noun, fem.) female pimp note It is equivalent to "madame". (Mexican slang)
mary (noun, fem.) marijuana note (Mexican slang)
mastuerzo (noun, masc.) marijuana note This term can also mean stupid person, however its more popular usage refers to the drug; (Mexican slang).
matraca (noun, fem.) machine gun note (Mexican street slang)
mayate (noun, masc.) homosexual note This word is equivalent to "faggot". (Mexican Spanish)
mecos (noun, masc.) semen note (Mexican Spanish)
mermelada de miembrillo semen note Literally, this means "marmalade of the smaller limb". (Mexican Spanish)
miembrillo (noun, masc.) penis note This is Mexican Spanish which refers to the penis as a "member" or a "limb".
moravia (noun, fem.) marijuana note (Mexican slang)
morisqueta (noun, fem.) marijuana note (Mexican slang)
morrongo (noun, masc.) dick note (Mexican slang)
mota (noun, fem.) marijuana note (lit) speck; (Mexican slang)
motivosa (noun, fem.) marijuana note (Mexican slang)
motocicleta (noun, fem.) marijuana note Literally, this means "motorcycle". (Mexican slang)
motor de chorro (phrase) marijuana note (Mexican slang)
mugir (verb, intrans.) to reek of shit; to nauseate note (lit) to roar; (Mexican Spanish)
mula (noun, fem.) impotent male note It is a BIG insult to imply that a Mexican man is unable to have children. (Mexican Spanish)


nalga de angel (phrase) marijuana note (lit) "a buttock of an angel"; (Mexican slang)
nido (noun, masc.) cunt note (lit) nest or hiding place; (Mexican slang)
no mames (interjection) You're shittin' me. note Literally translated, Don't suck me. (From the verb, mamar, to suck) Used very casually among Mexicans, especially the males. Pronounced no MAH-mace


obraderas (noun, fem., plural) diarrhea or "the runs" note It is derived from obrar (verb, trans.), which means "to have a bowel movement". (Mexican slang)
obstaculos (noun, masc., plural) testicles note It is pronounced "ob-STAH-cu-los". (Mexican slang)
ocho ochenta! (phrase) I do not care what you say! note This is equivalent to a nonsense phrase, such as "Blah, blah, blah!" or "Duh!" Literally it means "eight-eighty". (Mexican slang)
oregano (noun, masc) marijuana note It is pronounced "oh-RAY-gah-no". (Mexican slang)
oregano chino (noun, masc) marijuana note (lit) chinese herb; see also oregano (Mexican slang)


panocha, la cunt (female genitalia) note [panotSa] literally "sweetbread". Mexican dialect
pendejo idiot. note In Mex. Spanish it is rather strong. You can't use that word on TV.
Pinche fucking note Mexican Spanish.


quebracho (noun, masc.) homosexual note also see quebrachon; (Mexican slang)
quebrachon (noun, masc.) homosexual note variation of quebracho; (Mexican slang)
quedada (noun, fem.) an ugly, old maid note Its other meaning is "still" or "gentle". It is pronounced "Kay-DAH-dah". (Mexican slang)
quedar de encargo (phrase) to knock up; to get a female pregnant note The literal meaning of this is "to find a job". (Mexican slang)
quinto (noun, masc.) virgin note The dictionary meaning of this word is "fifth". (Mexican slang)
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