The Alternative Norwegian Dictionary: bæsj

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bæsj etymology Possibly from æsj, æ bæ. Possible cognate with Swedish bajs. pronunciation
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noun: {{head}}
  1. (informal, childish, uncountable) poo, shit
  2. (informal, countable) turd
  3. (rare, figuratively, pejorative) despicable person; piece of shit You are the biggest piece of shit I have ever encountered.
Synonyms: avføring, drit, dritt, ekskrement, rævskvæl, fekalia, lort, skit
related terms:
  • bæsje
  • tiss og bæsj
  • bæsj-and-carry
  • hundebæsj
  • menneskebæsj
  • rennebæsj
  • sprutebæsj
verb: {{head}}
  1. Imperative of bæsje

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