The Alternative Norwegian Bokmål Dictionary: pikk

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etymology 1 From Old Norse pikkr, akin to Norwegian pigg, "spike, quill".
noun: {{nb-noun-m1}}
  1. (vulgar) penis, cock, dick
Synonyms: kuk, kukk
etymology 2 Uncertain, may be from the German phrase mit Sach und Pack, "with thing and bundle."
noun: {{nb-noun-nu}}
  1. (only in certain idioms) possessions, small belongings Ta med seg sitt pikk og pakk. Bring one's belongings and possessions.
Synonyms: eiendeler, gods, habengut, løsøre, saker
etymology 3 Derived from the verb pikke, "to knock, tap".
noun: pikk {{g}} (singular definite pikket; plural indefinite pikk; plural definite pikkene/pikka)
  1. a knock, a tap Det kom et lite pikk fra døra. There was a small knock on the door.
Synonyms: bank

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