The Alternative Norwegian Bokmål Dictionary: rasshøl

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rasshøl Alternative forms: rasshol (standard form) etymology Compound word, from dialect and Old Norse rass, and East Norwegian dialect form høl of hull/hol, "a hole". Cognate with Swedish arsle.
noun: {{nb-noun-n3}}
  1. (vulgar) anus, asshole or arsehole Pass munnen din, ellers stapper jeg denne opp i rasshølet ditt! Watch your mouth, or I'll stick this up your ass!
  2. (derogatory) asshole or arsehole Ha deg vekk, fordømte rasshøl! Get lost, you asshole!
Synonyms: anus The word is primarily used in speaking context and is not part of the official orthography in either Bokmål or Nynorsk. The official spelling is rаsshol.

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