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ان 〈ạn〉
etymology 1 From Pahlavi 𐭠𐭭 〈𐭠𐭭〉. Compare Pashto ونه 〈wnh〉.
suffix: {{head}}
  1. A suffix forming the plural of animate nouns, with some exceptions. Becomes گان 〈gạn〉 (-gân) after a silent ه 〈h〉 (h), یان 〈y̰ạn〉 after و 〈w〉 or ا 〈ạ〉.
Used mainly in writing.
Synonyms: ها 〈hạ〉
etymology 2
noun: {{fa-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) Alternative spelling of عن 〈ʿn〉.
etymology 3
noun: {{fa-noun}}
  1. Transliteration of the name of the Latin-script letter n in English and other European languages.

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