The Alternative Persian Dictionary: بوقلمون

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بوقلمون 〈bwqlmwn〉 {{wikipedia}} etymology Borrowing from Arabic أبوقلمون, from Ancient Greek ύποκάλαμον 〈ýpokálamon〉.
noun: {{fa-noun}}
  1. (archaic) many-coloured damask
  2. turkey (bird)
  3. chameleon (reptile)
  4. (pejorative) chameleon, opportunist, flip-flopper (US)
adjective: {{fa-adj}}
  1. variegated
  2. multi-coloured
  3. multifarious
  4. protean
  5. changeable
  • Circa 1258 {{C.E.}}, , (the Rose Garden), Project Gutenberg, .باد در سایه درختانش گسترانید فرش بوقلمون 〈.bạd dr sạy̰h drkẖtạnsẖ gstrạny̰d frsẖ bwqlmwn〉 The wind had in the shade of its trees Spread out a bed of all kinds of flowers.

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