The Alternative Persian Dictionary: خداحافظ

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خداحافظ 〈kẖdạḥạfẓ〉 Alternative forms: خدافظ 〈kẖdạfẓ〉, خداحافظت 〈kẖdạḥạfẓt〉 etymology Short form of the term خدا حافظت باشد 〈kẖdạ ḥạfẓt bạsẖd〉 (xodâ hâfezat bâšad, "may god be your protector"). pronunciation
  • [xoˌd̪ɒː hɒːˈfez]
  • (colloquial) [xod̪ɒːˈfez]
interjection: {{fa-interjection}}
  1. goodbye, god be with you
related terms:
  • به سلامت 〈bh slạmt〉

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