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aranha spider note = pussy "dar um tapa na aranha" is like a fock a pussy


Balalao Dumb, Stupid Person note Originally from Porto Santo Island, Madeira, Portugal
bicha homossexual male. note in Brasil. In Portugal means queue, line.
biscate bitch, floosey note Another word that has meaning very similar to bitch (puta)
boceta pussy, cunt
bosta shit note in Brasil.
Braulio de borracha (noun) dildo note BROW-lyo dey bo-HA-sha. Literally rubber Braulio. Braulio is a common first name and also a guy's name for his dick (like my Peter or my Willy). See also consolo and vibrador.


cabrao +- bastard note (in Portugal only).
cacete penis
cagar have a crap
camisinha Condom note "small shirt"
caralho cock, penis note in Brasil.
chochota cunt
chupar blowjob note verb
Colhoes bollocks
comer (verb) to fuck note Normally used as the verb 'to eat', comer can also be used in the same way as foder.
cona pussy
consolo (noun) dildo note From the verb consolar, to console. See also vibrador and Braulio de borracha.
corno s'one who has been 'fooled' by his wife note in Portugal.
cu' asshole note in Brasil.


dar o rabo get asshole fucked


esporra cum, sperm


filho da puta son of a bitch note in Brasil.
Foda-se! Fuck it! note Common curse in Portugal.
foder to fuck
frango assado (noun/verb) sexual position for gay anal sex note Literally baked chicken, this position has the receiver on his back with legs in the air. A bicha gosta de dar o cu' de frango assado.=The fag loves to give(make) his ass the baked chicken(to get fucked).


gozar (verb) to come note Also used as the verb 'to enjoy'. Eu estou gozando=I'm coming!
Grelho Clitoris (In English)


merda shit


paneleiro queer, faggert (homosexual male) note (in Portugal only. The same as "veado" in Brasil
passar um cheque (verb) to get shit on someones cock as the result of anal sex note PA-sarr uhm SHEH-key. Gay slang, often used in a bath-house, from one friend to another, after an encounter. Ele passou um cheque?=Did he pass you a check? Very camp i.e. not often a serious question.
pau penis note in Brasil, lit. "wood"
peidar (verb) to fart note Pronounced PAY-darr. Aii! quem peidou?=Ew, who farted?
pinto cock, penis note in Brasil.
porra semen, sperm note in Brasil.
puta bitch note Puta is feminine, Puto is masculine
Puta que pariu! Fuck it! (most common curse) note (used in Portugal)
puta que te pariu son of a bitch note in Brasil.


queca a fuck note (noun)
queres que te chup (frase) note sounds like "do you want ketchup" means also "do you want a blow job"
queres que te chupe? (phrase) Do you want to be sucked? note A common joke in Brasil. Manoel asks Maria -Queres que te chupe? which also sounds like Do you want ketchup and she answers -Nao, mais tarde (no later) which appears to be No, mustard.


sacanagem (noun) something nasty or dirty note saw-can-A-jeng the last syllable is very nasal. Vamos fazer uma sacanagem.=Let's do something dirty. Sacana is the adjective. Eu estou escrevendo uma historia sacana para voce.=I'm writing you a dirty story.
sacanagem (noun) something nasty or dirty note saw-can-A-jeng the last syllable is very nasal. Vamos fazer uma sacanagem.=Let's do something dirty.
saco scrotum purse note in Brazil. Literally means bag.


transar to screw


Vai para a puta que te pariu! fuck you! (even stronger) note (used in Portugal)
vai tomar no cu fuck you note in Brazil
vai tomar no cu fuck you (Brazil)
Vai-te foder ! fuck you! note (used in Portugal)
veado homossexual male. note in Brazil. Literally means deer.
vibrador (noun) dildo note vee-BRA-dorr. The connection to english should be obvious here. See also consolo and Braulio de borracha.


xochota cunt (noun) note Brasilian term.
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