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até etymology From Old Portuguese até, of unknown origin. Possibly from Arabic حتى 〈ḥty̱〉, Latin ad ista or Latin ad tenus (>"ad tenes"), which explain the large number of mediaeval variants (atrõe, atée, atrõo, attaa, atẽe 〈atẽe〉, atães, tẽe 〈tẽe〉 and so on). Compare Spanish hasta. pronunciation
  • (Brazil) /a.ˈtɛ/
  • (PT) /ɐ.ˈtɛ/
  • {{hyphenation}}
preposition: {{head}}
  1. until up to the time of something happening exampleA aula dura até as dez horas. The class lasts until ten o’clock.
  2. by at some point before the given time exampleSerá feito até dia quinze. It will be done by the fifteenth.
  3. to all the way to a place exampleFui até minha casa. I went to my house.
  4. up to to the point of; as much as examplePodem comer até duas fatias de bolo. You can eat up to two pieces of cake.
Synonyms: (until) antes de, (to) a, para, (up to) no máximo
adverb: {{pt-adv}}
  1. even implying an extreme example in the case mentioned exampleAté as menores aranhas podem matar. Even the smallest spiders can kill.
  2. including introducing one or more parts of the group or topic just mentioned exampleFecha todas as janelas, até a do banheiro. Close all windows, including the bathroom one.
Synonyms: (even) até mesmo, mesmo, (including) inclusive
  • (even) nem, nem mesmo
  • (including) exceto, menos
interjection: {{pt-interj}}
  1. (informal) short for any farewell containing até (até-logo, até mais, até breve, até já): see ya; see you later; see you soon
Synonyms: (short for farewell containing até) , inté (eye dialect)

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