The Alternative Portuguese Dictionary: atentar

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atentar Alternative forms: attentar (obsolete) pronunciation
  • (Paulista) /a.tẽ.ˈta(ɾ)/, /a.tẽ.ˈta(ɹ)/
  • (South Brazil) /a.tẽ.ˈta(ɾ)/, /a.tẽ.ˈta(ɻ)/
etymology 1 From Latin attento.
verb: {{pt-verb}}
  1. to commit or attempt to commit a crime motivated by ideology
  2. to do something that contravene a convention, morality, religion, right, etc. exampleAtentar contra os direitos humanos.
related terms:
  • atentado
etymology 2 atento + ar.
verb: {{pt-verb}}
  1. to pay attention to something
Synonyms: prestar atenção
etymology 3 a + tentar.
verb: {{pt-verb}}
  1. to tempt to provoke someone to do wrong
  2. (informal) to bother; to irritate; to annoy
Synonyms: (to tempt) tentar, (to bother) aborrecer, importunar, incomodar, irritar, molestar
related terms:
  • atentado

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