The Alternative Portuguese Dictionary: balão

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balão {{wikipedia}} etymology From French ballon, from Middle French ballon from Northern Italian ballone (compare Italian pallone) from balla, from lng palla from Proto-Germanic *ballô, from Proto-Indo-European *bholn-, from Proto-Indo-European *bhel-. pronunciation
  • (Portugal) /bɐ.ˈlɐ̃w̃/
  • {{hyphenation}}
noun: {{pt-noun}}
  1. balloon
  2. (chemistry) retort flask used for distillation
  3. (Brazil) roundabout (road junction)
  4. (Portugal, colloquial) breathalyzer
  5. (comics) speech bubble
  6. (football, slang) lob
Synonyms: (breathalyzer) bafómetro, etilómetro

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