The Alternative Portuguese Dictionary: bufo

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bufo pronunciation
  • (Brazil) /ˈbu.fu/
etymology 1 From vl *būfo, from Latin būbō, from Proto-Indo-European *b(e)u.
noun: {{pt-noun}}
  1. {{vern}} ''Bubo bubo''
  2. (Portugal, slang) police informant
Synonyms: (Eurasian eagle owl) corujão, (police informant) delator, informante
etymology 2 From Italian buffo.
adjective: {{pt-adj}}
  1. (of an actor or plot) comical or burlesque
Synonyms: burlesco, cómico
etymology 3 From bufar.
noun: {{pt-noun}}
  1. an instance of puff
Synonyms: bufada
verb: {{pt-verb-form}}
  1. {{pt-verb-form-of}}

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