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ăsta Alternative forms: ăst (uncommon, literary, only used as an adjective in pre-position), ista (popular, regional) etymology From the original form, ăst (with an -a added for use as a post-position adjective and pronoun, as with ăla, acesta, acela), from Latin istum, from iste. Compare Spanish este. pronunciation
  • [ˈəs.ta]
determiner: {{head}}
  1. (informal) this
When used as an adjective, ăsta is the colloquial form of acest, and is only used in post-position (after the modified noun). The noun it modifies must be in the definite form studentul ăsta - this student (male) studenta asta - this student (female) bărbații ăștia - these men femeile astea - these women
pronoun: {{head}}
  1. (informal, used after a noun) this one
Ăsta spune că vrea să merge cu noi.- This one says he wants to go with us. Asta e foarte frumoasă.- This one is very beautiful. Ăștia sunt cam scumpi.- These are rather expensive. Astea nu mai au nici o valoare. These have no value anymore.
related terms:
  • acest acesta

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