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абзац 〈abzac〉 etymology Borrowing from German Absatz. pronunciation
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noun: {{ru-noun}}
  1. (grammar) paragraph exampleде́лать абза́ц to make a paragraph exampleнача́ть/начина́ть с (но́вого) абза́ца to begin a (new) line/paragraph; to indent a line
  2. (informal) an indentation at the start of a paragraph. exampleде́лать абза́ц to indent
  3. (euphemism) for пизде́ц 〈pizdéc〉.
Synonyms: (paragraph) пара́граф 〈parágraf〉 (see usage notes), (indentation) о́тступ 〈ótstup〉, абза́цный о́тступ 〈abzácnyj ótstup〉 кра́сная строка́ 〈krásnaâ stroká〉, (euphemism for пиздец) пипе́ц 〈pipéc〉, писе́ц 〈piséc〉, капе́ц 〈kapéc〉
Абзац translates as paragraph and is marked by an indentation and by the typographical character . Conversely, пара́граф 〈parágraf〉 translates as section, is demarked by a section break, and by the symbol §. Compare also раздел 〈razdel〉

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