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абитура 〈abitura〉 etymology {{back-form}} with final -a by analogy with other nouns ending in -тура 〈-tura〉. Compare German Abitur. Compare also collective suffixes -я́та 〈-ấta〉 (e.g. ребята 〈rebâta〉), -ота́ 〈-otá〉 (e.g. школота 〈školota〉, гопота 〈gopota〉). pronunciation /ɐ.bʲɪˈtu.rə/
noun: {{ru-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) Collective form of абитуриент (abiturijent).
  2. (colloquial) Time spent taking university entrance examinations exampleНа абиту́ре нас посели́ли в друго́м общежи́тии. We were put in different university halls for the entrance exam period.
Synonyms: абитуриенты 〈abiturienty〉, абитa 〈abita〉, абитурь 〈abiturʹ〉, абитуха 〈abituha〉, абитень 〈abitenʹ〉
related terms:
  • абитуриент 〈abiturient〉

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