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авось 〈avosʹ〉 pronunciation
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adverb: {{ru-adv}}
  1. (colloquial) perhaps, maybe (low certainty) exampleАво́сь повезёт. Avósʹ povezët.〉 We/I may yet succeed. (with low certainty)
noun: {{ru-noun}}
  1. blind trust in divine providence; blind faith in sheer luck; blind trust in sheer luck; counting on a miracle Наде́ясь на аво́сь, я реши́л вы́ехать на встре́чную по́лосу, чтобы объе́хать про́бку. Counting on a miracle, I decided to slip into the oncoming lane to get around the traffic jam.
  2. faith in serendipity; may still; might yet; possibly ру́сский «аво́сь» 〈rússkij «avósʹ»〉 — said about the alleged unconcern of Russians and their tendency to rely on luck
related terms:
  • авоська

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