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блядь 〈blâdʹ〉 etymology From orv блѧдь 〈blѧdʹ〉, from Proto-Slavic *blędь 〈*blędʹ〉, from *blęsti. pronunciation
  • /blʲætʲ/
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noun: {{ru-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) whore, slut, prostitute
    • ходи́ть по блядя́м 〈hodítʹ po blâdấm〉to go whoring
    • за́сраная блядь 〈zásranaâ blâdʹ〉stinking whore
  2. (vulgar) bitch, slut, promiscuous person
  3. (vulgar) general-purpose insult — compare shitass, bastard, etc.
Synonyms: In the meanings of prostitute and promiscuous person, or as an insult (ordered in the decreasing order of the lowness of speech)
  • проститутка
  • шлюха
  • потаскуха
  • курва
, проститутка, шлюха, потаскуха, курва
related terms:
  • блядивый
  • блядоход
  • блядский
  • блядство
  • блясти
interjection: {{head}}
  1. (vulgar) interjection (may be contracted to "бля") - compare shit!!, fuck!!, etc.
  2. (vulgar, intensive) (may be contracted to "бля") - compare damn, fucking, etc.
    • бля бу́ду 〈blâ búdu〉I’ll be a whore, used as an affirmation and means following:"I understand what you expect of me and I take full responsebility on what I said and I swear what I said is truth".
      • бля бу́ду, не брал я твои́ штаны́! 〈blâ búdu, ne bral â tvoí štaný!〉I’ll be a fucking son-of-a-bitch if I took your pants!
  3. (vulgar) - я,бля, три дня не пил 〈â,blâ, tri dnâ ne pil〉 — "I, fuckin', didn't drink for three days"

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