The Alternative Scots Dictionary: jannie

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noun: {{sco-noun}}
  1. (slang) janitor
    • 2004, Sheena Blackhall, The Wizard o the North, ‘Letter fae a distressed heidie’: Aa throw Science he played his trannie, / Gied a Glesga kiss tae the jannie, / Pit the gerbil up May Webster's kilt, / Kennin fine she's allegric tilt.
    • 2013, Donal McLaughlin, translating Pedro Lenz, Naw Much of a Talker, Freight Books 2013, p. 32: If the rain disnae stop soon, ah'll be stayin in here till wan ae the librarians or – fur aw ah care – the jannie {{transterm}} chucks me oot.

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