The Alternative Spanish Dictionary: abuelo

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abuelo {{wikipedia}} pronunciation
  • /aˈbue.lo/, [äˈβwe̞.lo̞], [äˈwe̞.lo̞], [äˈɣwe̞.lo̞]
etymology unknown, from vl *aviōlus, from Classical Latin avus (from Proto-Indo-European *h₂éwh₂os 〈*h₂éwh₂os〉) + -olus.Joan Coromines, ''Breve Diccionario Etimológico de la Lengua Castellana''. Compare Portuguese avô, Galician avó, Asturian güelu, French aïeul.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. grandfather Su abuelo es simpático. - “His grandfather is nice.”
  2. (colloquial, affectionate) An old person.
  3. Loose tuft of hair in the nape when one's hair is messed up.
{{es-note-noun-mf}} Synonyms: (loose tufts of hair) tolano

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