The Alternative Spanish Dictionary: buena onda

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buena onda pronunciation
  • /ˌbwena ˈonda/, [ˌbwe̞nä ˈo̞n̪d̪ä]
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (Chile, Argentina, slang) cool, good vibe
  2. (Mexico, slang) Literally, “estar en buena onda” means “being on a good vibe/note.”, and “tener buena onda” is “giving off good vibes.”
Synonyms: chévere (Caribbean), chido (Mexico), genial, padre (Mexico), diacachimba (Nicaragua), diaverga (Nicaragua)
  • mala onda
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. good vibe
  • mala onda

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