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cerveza etymology From Latin cervesia, variant of cervisia (compare Catalan cervesa, Galician cervexa, Portuguese cerveja), perhaps related to cremor, but likely from Gaulish *kerβ ̃- 〈*kerb ̃-〉, e-vocalism of Proto-Celtic *kormi, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱr̥h₃m- 〈*ḱr̥h₃m-〉. pronunciation
  • (Castilian) [θeɾˈβe.θa]
  • (Others) [seɾˈβ]
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. beer
Synonyms: chela {{g}} (Mexican), cheve {{g}} (Mexican), birria {{g}} (Mexican), birra {{g}} (slang), fresca {{g}} (slang)
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) maid; cleaning lady female servant or cleaner
Synonyms: domestica, empleada, empleada doméstica
chachalaca {{wikipedia}} etymology From nci chachalacani, from chāchalāni. pronunciation
  • /tʃa.tʃa.ˈla.ka/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. chachalaca
  2. (colloquial, Mexico, Central America) babbler, yapper
  3. (colloquial, Guatemala) chatter
chacharear etymology From cháchara + ear
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. (colloquial, intransitive) to babble talk much
  2. (colloquial, intransitive) to piffle speak in a futile, ineffective, or nonsensical manner
  3. (colloquial, transitive) to buy trinket
Synonyms: parlar
adjective: chachi (invariable)
  1. (colloquial) fab, awesome
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Argentina, pejorative) soldier
interjection: {{head}}
  1. (US, slang) "No" intensified. Similar to "hell no" or "yeah right".
    • 2006. DA Bronx Bombers. Pick me, Memoirs of the Little League. Chale (Coach loved to use Mexican-American slang – Chale meant “Hell No!”), I want you to be a big target for Rudy so just try your best ok!”
A word that is sometimes yelled when something goes wrong. It's not an offensive word, and it's considered to be very informal.
verb: {{es-verb-form}}
  1. es-verb form of chalar
  2. es-verb form of chalar
  3. es-verb form of chalar
chalupa {{wikipedia}} etymology From French chaloupe, from Dutch sloep
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (nautical) shallop, sloop, launch a kind of longboat
  2. (Mexico) two-man canoe
  3. (Mexico) a bowl-shaped fried tortilla stuffed with chopped meat, lettuce, cheese, etc.
  4. (Mexico, slang) fat girl
chamaco etymology unknown, originally in Mexican Spanish. Possibly related to chamagoso. pronunciation
  • /tʃaˈma.ko/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (informal, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico) A boy or teenager; a male youth.
chambón pronunciation
  • /tʃamˈbon/
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (colloquial, El Salvador) poorly done, badly done, of bad quality Ese póster chambón no llamará la atención de nadie. - That poorly done poster won't call anybody's attention.
related terms:
  • chambonada
chambonada etymology From chambón + ada.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, El Salvador) a bad work, something very poorly done Esa chambonada que hiciste no sirve para nada. - That poor work you did is completely worthless.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Venezuela, colloquial) kid, child
  • macho
  • mocha
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. clod, tuft small cluster of plants with adhering earth, piece of turf
  2. (pejorative, Chile) pubic hair, armpit hair
chamullar etymology From rmq
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. (Chile, Argentina, Peru, colloquial) to lie, to seduce or convince someone making use of lies.
  2. (Spain, colloquial) to talk, chat
Synonyms: (to lie) embaucar, embustear, engrupir, mentir
related terms:
  • chamullo
  • chamulliento
chamuyar Alternative forms: chamullar
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. (Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial) to chat up, sweet-talk
related terms:
  • chamuyero
  • chamuyo
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Argentina, colloquial) charmer,
chana etymology {{rfe}}
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Chile, slang) Term applied to a lower‐class woman not desired for a longer relationship.
adjective: {{head}} (invariable)
  1. (colloquial) fab, awesome
chanchullo pronunciation
  • /t͡ʃan.ˈt͡ʃu.ʎo/, [tʃaɲ.ˈtʃu.ʎo] or /t͡ʃan.ˈt͡ʃu.ʝo/, [tʃaɲ.ˈtʃu.ʝo]
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) sleaze, scum
chancleta etymology From chancla + eta
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. slipper house shoe
  2. (Latin America, colloquial) girl
  3. (Colombia) accelerator accelerator pedal
Synonyms: (slipper), babucha, chinela, pantufla, zapatilla
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) inept person
changarro etymology unknown. pronunciation
  • /tʃaŋˈɡ
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, Mexico) shop
Synonyms: tendejón {{g}}, tienda {{g}}
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, Argentina, Chile) liar
chantar etymology From lunfardo.
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. (Chile, slang) to stop
  2. (Chile, vulgar, ) to fuck
chapa etymology Onomatopoeic.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. veneer
  2. plating
  3. lock
  4. badge
  5. license plate
  6. (informal) crown cap
  7. (Bolivia, Peru) nickname
  8. (Nicaragua) earring
related terms:
  • chapar
  • chape
  • chapeado
verb: {{es-verb-form}}
  1. es-verb form of chapar
  2. es-verb form of chapar
  3. es-verb form of chapar
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. shoddy
  2. (Mexico, familiar) dishonest
  3. (pejorative) amateur
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. sloppy worker
  2. (Mexico, familiar) swindler
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) odd job
chaquetear pronunciation
  • [tʃäke̞te̞ˈäɾ]
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. (intransitive) to be afraid, to draw back.
  2. to run away, to flee.
  3. to change sides, to become a turncoat
  4. to change one’s opinion
  5. to renege
  6. (reflexive, slang) to masturbate, to jerk off Me la chaqueteo. I’m jacking off.
related terms:
  • chaqueta
  • chaquetearse (reflexive)
charcha etymology From Mapuche
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (Chile, slang) trashy of very poor quality, worthless
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Chile, colloquial) fat
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. to chat, talk
  2. (transitive) to blabber, tattle reveal something one should not say
  3. (colloquial) to chatter
Synonyms: (chat) charlar, conversar, platicar
charnego etymology From lucharniego or nocharniego, applied to greyhound. Compare Catalan xarnego/xarnec.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (often derogatory, Catalonia) A person who is half Catalan and half from another ethnolinguistic group.
  2. (often derogatory, Catalonia) A Spanish person who lives in Catalonia but immigrated from another part of Spain and cannot speak Catalan.
charro etymology Basque txaro
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. coarse, vulgar
  2. rustic
  3. (slang, US, Texas) A short form of frijoles a la charra, that is, pinto or pink beans boiled with condiments but otherwise plain and simple.
  4. from Salamanca
Synonyms: (rustic) aldeano, (from Salamanca) salamanquino, salmantino
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. one who is rustic or coarse
  2. someone from Salamanca
Synonyms: (someone from Salamanca) salamanquino, salmantino
etymology 1
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (obsolete) Name of the letter ch.
etymology 2
interjection: {{head}}
  1. (Argentine, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay) hey
  • Portuguese: tchê
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, Chile) Argentinian person
adjective: {{head}}
  1. (Central America, slang) feminine of chelo; A blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed woman.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Central America, slang) feminine of chelo; blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed
  1. (Mexico, slang) beer exampleVamos a chupar unas chelas. Let's go drink some beers.
Synonyms: (beer) cerveza
chele pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃele/
etymology 1 From nah celic.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras) sleep (in the corner of the eye)
  2. (Dominican Republic) cent (currency)
Synonyms: (sleep) lagaña, legaña, (cent) centavo
related terms:
  • (sleep) chelito
  • (cent) chelear, chelero
etymology 2 From a vesre form of leche.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Honduras, Nicaragua, vesre) blond-haired
  2. (vesre) milk
  3. (vulgar, slang, Uruguay, Argentina, vesre) semen
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (El Salvador, colloquial) fair-skinned
chelito pronunciation /tʃeˈ
etymology 1 From nah celic, plus the diminutive -ito.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, El Salvador) sleep in the corner of the eye Tienes un chelito en el ojo derecho, quitatelo. - You have some sleep in your right eye, take it off.
  2. (colloquial, El Salvador) liquid paper Pasame chelito, necesito corregir algo. - Pass me the liquid paper, I need to correct something.
Synonyms: (sleep) lagaña, legaña, chele (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras), (liquid paper) liquid paper
etymology 2 From a vesre form of leche, plus the diminutive -ito.
adjective=: {{es-adj}}
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (Central America, slang) blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed
Synonyms: (blond and fair-skinned) rubio {{g}}
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Central America, slang) A blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed man.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) hump (of a camel)
Synonyms: joroba
proper noun: {{es-proper noun}}
  1. (informal, Costa Rica) Nickname for San José in Costa Rica.
chepeño etymology From Chepe + suffix -eño
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (informal, Costa Rica) Nickname for resident of San José ("Chepe") in Costa Rica.
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (informal, Costa Rica) Belonging or relating to San José ("Chepe") in Costa Rica.
chero pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃe.ɾo/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, El Salvador) close friend, pal
Synonyms: amigo, cuate (Mexico)
chesco pronunciation
  • /ˈt͡ʃes.ko/
etymology A youngish form of refresco
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (slang, Mexico) soda beverage
cheve etymology Apocopic alteration of cerveza. pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃ, [ˈtʃe.βe]
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (slang, Mexico) beer
Synonyms: (beer) cerveza, chela (slang)
related terms:
  • chela
chévere etymology Attested in Cuba from the end of the 18th century. The etymology is uncertain. Possibly from Igbo sebede, or Efik chébere.
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (slang, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador) terrific, cool, awesome, nifty
Synonyms: genial, chido (Mexico), chivo (El Salvador), tuanis (Honduras, Costa Rica), guay (Spain), padre (Mexico), bárbaro (Argentina), chiva (Costa Rica), bacán (Chile)
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Guatemala) hot dog
Synonyms: hot dog {{g}} (Mexico), perrito caliente {{g}} (Spain), perro caliente {{g}} (Costa Rica, Mexico)
chicha etymology From cuk chichab pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃitʃa/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. chicha
  2. (Peru) juice, soft drink
  3. (vulgar) boob female breast
verb: {{es-verb-form}}
  1. es-verb form of chichar
  2. es-verb form of chichar
  3. es-verb form of chichar
chichar pronunciation
  • /tʃi.ˈtʃaɾ/
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. (vulgar, Latin America) to have sex with, to fuck
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. Atlantic horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus)
  2. (colloquial, soccer) goal
Synonyms: (goal) gol
etymology 1
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) pussy; cunt vulva
etymology 2 From nah chichi Alternative forms: chichí
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Panama) baby
  2. (Honduras, colloquial) kid
  3. (colloquial, Mexico, often in the plural) boob breast
Synonyms: (breast) teta
etymology 1
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, often childish) pee
Synonyms: pipí, pichí
etymology 2 From nah chichi
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. alternative form of chichi
chido pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃið̞o̞/
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (Mexico, slang) cool, acceptable, easy
Synonyms: bacán (Chile), chévere (Caribbean), genial, guay (Spain), padre (Mexico)
chilango pronunciation {{rfap}}
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (Mexico, slang) from Mexico City. Often used derogatorily by those living outside the capital.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Mexico, slang) person from Mexico City. Often used derogatorily by those living outside the capital.
related terms:
  • capitalino
  • defeño
  • mexicano
chile etymology From nci chīlli. pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃi.le/
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. chili, chilli, chile
  2. (vulgar, Mexico) penis, cock
Synonyms: (chili) ají {{g}}, pimiento {{g}}, picante {{g}}, ají, guindilla, (penis) pinga, pito, chorizo, verga, reata
  • (chili) jalapeño, poblano, habanero, chipotle, serrano
chilguete pronunciation
  • /tʃilˈɡe.te/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, El Salvador) cum, semen
Synonyms: leche, chota (Uruguay), corrida (Spain)
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Dominican Republic, slang) small amount exampleDame un chin de café. Give me a little coffee.
etymology 1
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. Pebble, small stone usually rounded
etymology 2
adjective: {{head}}
  1. feminine of chino
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. A Chinese woman.
etymology 3 From Quechua china.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (pejorative, South America) female servant in a hacienda.
etymology 4 Allusion to the orange fruit's Asian origin (as in sinensis in Citrus sinensis).
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Puerto Rico) orange (fruit)
chinchar etymology From chinche.
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) to pester, to bother
  2. (obsolete) to kill
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Mexico, vulgar, slang) hooker, whore
  2. (Mexico, vulgar, slang) toss, shit, flying fuck used in the phrase "no importar una chingada" No me importa una chingada - "I don't give a flying fuck"
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Mexico, vulgar) an immoral or illegal act, often with the idea of treason or deceit
    • 2008, Fausto Ponce, Fuera de lugar,, page 7: Nunca te va a hacer una chingadera. He will never betray you.
    • 2011, Antonio P. Peñalosa, La patria que no rumbo al 2012, Palibrio, page 596: …, para no tener que decir que en la práctica Calles cometió una gran chingadera en contra de nuestra nación. …, so he doesn’t have to say that in practice Calles committed great treachery against our nation.
    • 2012, José Luis García Cabrera, ¡El Pastel!, part 2, Palibrio, page 83: Cometiste una chingadera y ahora verás tú como la remedias. You commited a crime and now you will see how you can remedy it.
  2. (Mexico, vulgar) shit, crap (a thing of little value or quality, or an unspecified object)
    • 1994, Elena Poniatowska, Luz y luna, las lunitas, Era, page 52: Quíteme esa chingadera de allí. Get rid of that crap there.
    • 2008, Ulises Morales Ponce, Welcome coyote, Universidad Veracruzana, page 63: Ella gana cinco mil dólares en una noche vendiendo chingadera. She earns five thousand dollars in one night selling crap.
    • 2012, Bernardo Fernández, Hielo negro, Grijalbo, page 55: La chingadera vendía bien. The crap sold well.
  3. (Mexico, vulgar) bullshit (nonsense, stupidity, false statement)
    • Juan Villoro, Coyote in 1997, Julio Ortega, Antología del cuento latinoamericano del siglo XXI, XXI, page 282: —Vamos a quitarle esa chingadera —Let’s cut the crap
    • Roberto Flores, Tipos de sucesos en la progresión narrativa in 1998, Cuarto Encontro Internacional de Lingüística en el Noroeste, volume 3, Universidad de Sonora, page 226: Es una chingadera de Rosales, una broma imbécil, siempre ha sido un cabrón. It’s bullshit from Rosales, a stupid joke, he has always been a jackass.
    • 2013, Eva Castro Pérez, Un rincón de la sierra, Palibrio, page 168: ¿O tu amistad es una chingadera nomás? Or is your friendship just bullshit?
    ¡Son chingaderas! — “Bullshit!” decir chingaderas — “to bullshit”
chingar etymology According to the Real Academia Española, chingar comes from the rmq word čingarár, meaning to fight. pronunciation
  • [tʃĩŋˈɡaɾ]
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. (Mexico, vulgar) to bother, to fuck with
  2. to engage in sexual intercourse, to fuck
  3. (Mexico, vulgar) to be wrong; to screw up, to fuck up
  4. (Mexico, vulgar) to steal, to swipe
  5. (Mexico, vulgar) to break
  1. (Mexico, vulgar) to work hard
Synonyms: coger, joder
related terms:
  • chingadera
  • chingazos
  • chingón
  • chingonería
  • chinguear
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Mexico, vulgar) a large amount of something; a whopper
    1. Está lloviendo un chingo, "It's raining a whopper"
    2. Me gusta un chingo, "I like it a hell of a lot."
verb: {{es-verb-form}}
  1. es-verb form of chingar
chingón etymology chingar + ón.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Mexico, colloquial) Someone who is very smart, intelligent and can do things quickly.
  2. (Mexico, colloquial, vulgar) Someone who likes to mess with people.
  3. (Mexico, colloquial) Someone or something that is cool, awesome and very good.
antonyms: {{top2}}
  • bargasbila
  • güey
  • idiota
  • menso
  • pendejo
  • tonto
  • vargasbila
etymology 1
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. Chinese
  2. (Nicaragua) Any Oriental person in general: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Mongolian, etc.
Juan y el Chino son amigos. Juan and the Japanese (guy) are friends.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. Chinese person
  1. (colloquial) An incomprehensible language
  2. (colloquial, Cuba, uncountable) chickenpox
  3. (colloquial, Spain) a market owned by a Chinese immigrant
Synonyms: (chickenpox) varicela
proper noun: {{es-proper noun}}
  1. Chinese language
etymology 2
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. curly
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. A curly haired man
related terms:
  • enchinar
chipote etymology From nci xixipochtic. pronunciation
  • /tʃi.ˈpo.te/
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Mexico) bump on the head
  2. (by extension, informal, Mexico) bulge, lump
  3. (Central America) slap blow with the hand
Synonyms: (bump on the head) chichón, (slap) bofetada, cachetada, manotada, manotazo
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) kid young person
  2. (colloquial) kid child
Synonyms: (young person) muchacho, chico, joven, (child) niño
related terms:
  • chico
chiquita pronunciation
  • /t͡ʃiˈkit̪a/
adjective: {{head}}
  1. feminine of chiquito
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. feminine of chiquito
  2. (colloquial) A girl, young woman.
chiva etymology {{rfe}}
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. blanket, coverlet
  2. goatee, beard
  3. young female goat, kid
  4. shutout in a game of dominoes
  5. (Chile, colloquial) (false) pretence, lame excuse
  6. (slang) heroin
  7. feminine of chivo
Synonyms: (goatee)
  • barba de chivo {{g}}
  • chivera {{g}}
  • perilla {{g}}
  • piocha {{g}}
, barba de chivo {{g}}, chivera {{g}}, perilla {{g}}, piocha {{g}}
related terms:
  • chivarras
  • chivarro
  • chivata
  • chivato
  • chivera {{g}}
  • chivetero
  • chivo
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. to annoy
  2. (colloquial, reflexive) to snitch, egg, squeal
chivo etymology Compare with Portuguese chibo, French chèvre
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. goat animal
  2. (Nicaragua) A male who lives with a prostitute and benefits from her earnings, a pimp.
  3. (Cuba) informer, traitor
Synonyms: (animal) cabra, cabro, (pimp) proxeneta, cabrón, cafiche, (informer) delator
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (El Salvador, slang) cool, awesome (said of a thing) Me encanta tu diseño, ¡qué chiva! - I love your design, it's so cool!
Synonyms: genial, chévere (Caribbean), guay (Spain), padre (Mexico), chido (Mexico), bacán (Chile)
choca esos cinco
phrase: choca eso cinco
  1. (colloquial, Spain) give me five
chocha pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃo.tʃa/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (ornithology) woodcock
  2. (Caribbean, Central America, Puerto Rico, slang) vagina
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) pussy
chocho pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃotʃo/
  • {{rhymes}}
etymology 1 From mxi šóš, from Latin salsus.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. lupin beans, lupin fruit
  2. cinnamon sweet
  3. (vulgar, slang) cunt
etymology 2 Onomatopoeic.
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. senile, doddery
  2. sentimental, soft
  3. (Central America, colloquial) Nicaraguan
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) drug addict
  2. (Central America, colloquial) Nicaraguan
chocolate {{wikipedia}} etymology From nci, possibly from xocolātl or chocolātl (a late attestation), though the etymology is unclear. See chocolate. pronunciation
  • /tʃo.ko.ˈla.te/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. chocolate food made from cocoa beans; confectionery
  2. (slang) hash
  • English: chocolate
  • French: chocolat
  • Portuguese: chocolate
cholla etymology Possibly from Old French cholle, from a gem origin (compare English keel).
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. cholla cactus
  2. reason, understanding
  3. (colloquial) head
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) bargain
Chollywood etymology {{rfe}}
proper noun: {{es-proper noun}}
  1. (informal) The film industry of Peru.
cholo pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃo.lo/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (pejorative, South America) mestizo, person of mixed European and various degrees of Amerindian descent, especially if the person is of low economic resources
  2. (Mexico) poor Mexican, often living in California during 19th century
  3. (informal, Mexico, US) used to describe a person belonging to a street gang
Synonyms: (person of mixed caucasoid and Amerindian descent who lives in the Americas) ladino, mestizo, (gang member) pandillero, marero, gángster
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (colloquial, El Salvador) ripped, with defined muscle Mi hijo ya se está poniendo cholo ahora que va al gimnasio. My son is getting ripped now that he goes to the gym.
  2. (colloquial, El Salvador) skillful (especially in a sport, but also figuratively in a dancing style, chess or a science) Sí, él es bien cholo en Taekwondo. Ha estado yendo cuatro días a la semana por años. Yes, he's pretty good in Taekwondo. He's been going four days a week for years.
Synonyms: (ripped) musculoso, cholotón (El Salvador), (skillful in a sport or intellectual activity) diestro, habilidoso
cholotón etymology From cholo + -ote + ón. pronunciation
  • /tʃo.loˈton/
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (informal, El Salvador) big, fat Sí que le han dado de comer últimamente. Tiene solo ocho y ya está cholotón. They've really been feeding him lately. He's just eight [years old] and he's already pretty big.
  2. (informal, El Salvador) muscular, brawny, ripped Me dio miedo cuando vi al cholotón de hombre que nos estaba gritando. I got scared when I saw the muscular man who was yelling at us.
Synonyms: (fat) gordo, (muscular, brawny) musculoso, cholo (El Salvador)
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, Spain) chavette, trashy woman
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (Chile, colloquial) rude person
  2. (vulgar, Chile) vagina
chorizo {{wikipedia}} pronunciation
  • (ceseo) /tʃo̞ˈɾiθo̞/
  • {{rhymes}}
  • (seseo) /tʃo̞ˈɾiso̞/
  • {{rhymes}}
etymology 1 Possibly from Latin salsicĭum, but uncertain.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. a type of sausage
  2. (Uruguay) a foolish person
  3. (vulgar, slang, Latin American Spanish) a penis
  4. (slang, Costa Rica) corruption
    • 2 February 2014, Isabella Cota, Costa Rica Voters Send Araya, Solis to Second Round Vote, Bloomberg News: "A new Costa Rica was born today," Solis told supporters chanting "No more chorizos," slang for corruption, in San José yesterday.
Synonyms: (sausage) longaniza, (penis) pene, pito, reata, verga
etymology 2 From chori, from rmq chorar, to steal
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, Spain) a crook
  2. (Spain, Mexico, Chile, colloquial) a thief
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (vulgar, Chile) thefty, stuck-up, haughty
Synonyms: bobo, estúpido, idiota, retrasado, subnormal, tarado
etymology 1 From dialectal slang choró.
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (Chile, colloquial) cool ¡Qué choro!, me lo llevoHow cool, I'll take it!
  2. (Chile, colloquial) brave and/or aggressive person
etymology 2 From Quechua churu.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (South-America) mussel
  2. (Chile, vulgar) vulva
  3. (South-America, Spain, vulgar) thief
  4. (Mexico, colloquial) lip service, empty talk
Synonyms: (mussel) mejillón, (vulva) vulva, (thief) ladrón, chorizo
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) bullshit, guff
Synonyms: bobada, boludez, estupidez, huevada, pendejada, tontería
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (Chile, colloquial) angry, sick and tired
verb: {{es-past participle}}
  1. es-verb form of chorrear
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. to spout, to gush
  2. to drip
  3. to trickle
  4. (Chile, colloquial, pronominal) to tire, to get sick and tired
Synonyms: (to get sick and tire) hartarse, hastiarse, cabrearse
related terms:
  • chorreado
  • chorreador
  • chorreante
  • chorreo
  • chorro
  • chorrillana
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. flow; jet
  2. (Mexico, colloquial) ton, tons; bunch; pile
  3. (Chile, slang) a poor person, ghetto, a criminal
  4. (Chile, colloquial) coin purse
  5. (Argentina, colloquial) thief
  6. tap; faucet
Synonyms: (tons) montón {{g}}
related terms:
  • chorra
  • chorrada
  • chorrear
  • chorrillana
chota pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃo.ta/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, Uruguay) semen, cum
    • Te dije que quería que trajeras mucha chota, no muchachita. - I told you I wanted you to bring a lot of cum, not a girl! ("John Salchichón Rambo", parody by the Uruguayan Internet comedian El Bananero, 2008)
  2. (dated, slang, pejorative, El Salvador) the police institution, especially the military police before the 1992
Synonyms: (semen, cum) leche, chilguete (El Salvador), corrida (Spain), (police) jura (El Salvador)
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Panama) cunt, vagina
  2. (vulgar, slang, Colombia) body odor
  3. (colloquial, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras) female dog
related terms:
  • chucho (Guatemala)
interjection: {{es-interj}}
  1. (vulgar, slang, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama) damn!, fuck!
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (vulgar slang, Chile) absurdities, nonsense.
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, Spain) mutt, mongrel
  2. (colloquial, Guatemala, El Salvador) male dog (in general)
related terms:
  • chucha (Guatemala)
Synonyms: (male dog) perro, (mutt, mongrel) aguacatero (El Salvador), quiltro (Chile)
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) joke, piss-take
verb: {{es-verb}}
  1. to compliment, to show off
  2. (colloquial) to pimp
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. cute, pretty, lovely
  2. (Chile, colloquial) ordinary, common, vulgar, rascal
  3. (Spain, colloquial) cocky
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. pimp
Synonyms: alcahuete, proxeneta
chulón pronunciation
  • /tʃuˈlon/
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (colloquial, El Salvador) naked La bebé está chulona: ponele algo para salir. The baby is naked. Get her dressed in order to go out.
  2. (colloquial, figurative, El Salvador) scantily clothed Dejar de ver las mujeres de la tele, que están todas chulonas. Stop watching those women on TV. They're scantily clothed.
Synonyms: (naked) desnudo, (almost naked) semidesnudo
chumo pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃ
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (pejorative, colloquial, Guatemala) indigenous (said of a person) No seás tan chumo. - Don't be so much like a native.
Synonyms: indio (Latin America)
chumpa pronunciation
  • /ˈtʃ
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (informal, El Salvador) jacket
Synonyms: chaqueta
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, El Salvador and parts of Guatemala) turkey
Synonyms: pavo, chompipe (Mexico)
chunchucuyo pronunciation
  • /tʃun.tʃuˈku.ʝo/
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, El Salvador) parson's nose
Synonyms: rabadilla del pollo
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, pejorative) Bible basher
adjective: {{head}}
  1. feminine of chupado
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (slang) blowjob
verb: {{head}}
  1. es-verb form of chupar
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. (colloquial) very skinny
  2. (colloquial) very easy, a piece of cake
Synonyms: (skinny) flaco
verb: {{es-past participle}}
  1. es-verb form of chupar
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