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bajsa etymology According to Nationalencyklopedins ordbok in use since at least since the 1930s. Verb derivation from bajs ("poop"). pronunciation
  • /ˈbajˌsa/
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial) to defecate, to poop Hunden bajsade på den nyklippta gräsmattan. The dog pooped on the newly cut lawn. Kommer jag inte till en toalett snart så kommer jag att bajsa på mig. If I don't get to a bathroom soon, I'm going to poop myself.
  2. (slang) to show contempt for someone Jag bajsar på dina jävla lögner. I don't give a shit about your damned lies. Jag bajsar snett på dig. I don't care for you.
Can be used as a neutral everyday word for defacation in most informal situations. Synonyms: avföring ("feces"), skit
related terms:
  • bajs
  • bajshumor ("poop humor")
  • bajsig ("poopy")
  • bajsnödig ("in need of defecating")
  • kiss- och bajshumor ("potty humor")

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