The Alternative Swedish Dictionary: blåst

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blåst etymology {{sv-verb-form-pastpart}} pronunciation
  • Adjective, verb
    • /bloːst/
    • (Central Standard) [blôːst], [blôə̯st]
    • {{audio}}
  • Noun
    • /bloːst/, /blɔst/
    • (Central Standard) [blôːst], [blôə̯st], [blɔ̂sːt]
    • {{audio}}
adjective: {{head}}
  1. (informal, pejorative) daft, stupid; easily tricked
  2. (informal, pejorative) tricked, fooled; having lost something due to trickery
related terms:
  • blåsning
etymology From Old Swedish blaster, blæster‚ from Old Norse blástr, from Proto-Germanic *blēstuz.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (incessant) wind
verb: {{head}}
  1. {{sv-verb-form-sup}}

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