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knark pronunciation
  • /knark/
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) narcotic, illegal drugs
Synonyms: narkotika
knarka etymology The original form of the verb is attested in writing from 1587 but has roots further back in Old Swedish.''[[:w:Svenska Akademiens ordbok|Svenska Akademiens ordbok]]'', column [ K1571] The modern meaning "to use narcotics" is attested since 1959.''Nationalakademiens ordbok'', "knarka". The original meaning has fallen out of use in modern times and is now almost solely used in the context of using narcotics. pronunciation
  • (Swedish) /ˈknarˌka/
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial) To use narcotic or (illicit) drugs.
    • 1987, , May 21. Det är inte förbjudet att knarka, men det är förbjudet att stjäla, langa och gör inbrott, och ju längre tid som går innan man ingriper, desto strängare blir straffet. It's not illegal to use narcotics, but it's illegal to engage in stealing, fencing and burglary, and the the longer you wait before intervening, the harsher the punishment will be.
  2. (colloquial) To use or consume something intensely or excessively; to binge on.
    • 2012, Ålandstidningen, September 1. Vad finns bättre att göra nu när höstrusket kommer än att lägga sig under en filt i soffan och knarka tv-serier? . With the approach of chilly autumn weather, is there anything better than lying under a blanket on the couch, binging on TV series?
  3. (archaic) To make a creak sound.
    • 1587, E.P. Helsingius, Synonymorum libellus. Smör wagnen, så knarckar hon inthet. Grease the cart so it won't creak.
    • 1895, Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Vildmarks- och kärleksvisor. En knarkande gungstol. A creaking rocking chair.
knipa igen
verb: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) to shut up
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) a young child, often one a bit plump
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a bud of a flower
  2. a knob, a bulb, a ball, a stud, a rounded tip or top; compare knapp, ratt, handtag
  3. (slang) head (on a person; used in many expressions) klar i knoppen clear thinking, awake
knulla pronunciation
  • /ˈknɵlːa/
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (vulgar) to have sex; to fuck Jag vill knulla dig så jävla hårt. I want to fuck you so fucking hard.
related terms:
  • knull
  • knulldocka
  • knullrufs
knullrufs etymology knulla + rufs
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) the unordered hairdo after having sex; bed hair
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. to yank, to jerk
  2. (colloquial) to steal knycka äpplen steal apples
related terms:
  • äppelknyckarbyxa
knäcka pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. to crack, to break, to snap
  2. to crack (a secret code, an encryption)
  3. (colloquial) to work (especially shorter jobs for hire)
related terms:
  • extraknäcka
  • knäck
  • knäckning
  • knäckare
knäppa pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
etymology knapp + a
adjective: {{head}}
  1. {{sv-adj-form-abs-def+pl}}
verb: {{head}}
  1. to button up, to fasten with button(s) or with a zipper
  2. (slang) to shoot, to photograph, to kill (by shooting) (using a camera or a weapon, triggered by pushing a button)
related terms:
  • knapp
  • knäppa igen
  • knäppa till
  • knäppa upp
knäppa igen
verb: {{head}}
  1. to close by fastening a button, or a row of buttons
  2. (colloquial) to keep quiet
  • (close) knäppa upp
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. toffee; a piece of toffee
  2. taste of caramel
verb: {{head}}
  1. to produce charcoal from wood; to transform into coal; to load coal
  2. (slang) to die
related terms:
  • kolare
  • kolning
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) a look, a check, an inspection; {{short for}}
  2. (colloquial, uncountable) control (to have, to be in), clue, knowledge (of current trends) han har noll koll he is clueless
related terms:
  • kolla
kolla pronunciation
  • /ˈkɔˌla/
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial, short for kontrollera) to check (to inspect, examine)
  2. (colloquial) to look Kolla in hylla på bruden där borta. Check out the rack on the chick over there.
related terms:
  • koll
  • kollationera
  • kollationering
  • kontroll
  • kontrollant
  • kontrollera
komma pronunciation
  • /ˈkɔmːa/, [ˈkʰɔmːa]
  • {{audio}}
etymology 1 From Old Swedish koma, from Old Norse koma, from Proto-Germanic *kwemaną, from Proto-Indo-European *gʷem- *gʷém-.
verb: {{sv-verb-irr}}
  1. to come; to move nearer, to arrive Let the right one come in.
  2. (slang) to orgasm
  • Used in the present tense together with a main verb in the infinitive (with infinitive mark) to express the future tense (mainly the "will future").
etymology 2 From Latin comma, from Ancient Greek κόμμα 〈kómma〉, from κόπτω 〈kóptō〉.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. comma; punctuation mark
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (slang) to go bankrupt (short for konkursa, göra konkurs)
related terms:
  • konken
kopparslagare etymology koppar + slagare
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a coppersmith, a craftsman preparing copper utensils from sheets of copper mainly through hammering them
  2. (slang) a hangover with a serious headache; the headache associated with a hangover
Synonyms: (hangover) bakfylla, bakfull, bakis, ågren
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (childish) cow; bovine animal
  2. (derogatory) cow; despicable woman
  3. (derogatory) cow; a fat person
Synonyms: (bovine animal) ko
adjective: {{sv-adj}}
  1. (informal) huggable; cuddly
Synonyms: gosig
related terms:
  • krama
kramig etymology From or krama + ig.
adjective: {{sv-adj}}
  1. (informal) huggy (fond of hugging, tending to hug)
  • The adjective usually has neutral or positive overtones (unlike kramsjuk).
Synonyms: (huggy) kramsjuk, kelsjuk
related terms:
  • kram
  • krama
kran pronunciation
  • /krɑːn/
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. crane (machinery)
  2. water tap, knob for controlling a valve
  3. (colloquial) (big) nose of a human
  4. (colloquial) drug supplier
  • rank
krokna etymology krok + na
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. to bend, to become curvy, to fold (of an item that bends or folds)
  2. (colloquial) to get tired (especially of children who quickly go from very active to sleepy)
  • if a person bends an item, use the verb kröka instead
krossa etymology From Old Swedish krossa, krosa, krusa, probably from gml krossen. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. crush; to press or bruise between two hard bodies until the point of breaking
  2. crush; to overwhelm (opposition, resistance)
  3. (colloquial) crush; overcome completely
related terms:
  • (press) kross
krubba etymology From Old Swedish krubba, from gml krubbe, cognate with German Krübbe, English crib
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a manger, a crib, a feeding trough for animals Krubborna sättas 85—90 cm över spiltgolvet The cribs should be mounted 85—90 cm above the stall floor
  2. the particular crib in Bethlehem where baby Jesus was placed Till krubbans stråbädd, där det heliga barnet vilade, skyndade fattiga herdar och mäktiga, rika, vise konungar från Österland To the straw bed in the crib, where the holy child rested, hasted poor shepherds and mighty, rich, wise kings from the Orient Det är alldeles visst, att ljusstrålarna från Betlehems stjärnbelysta krubba och Kristi kors gått ut och gå än i dag ut öfver hela världsrymden. It is entirely certain, that the lightbeams from Bethlehem's starlit crib and the cross of Christ have shone and shine still today over the whole universe.
  3. a Nativity Scene, {{short for}}
  4. a preschool, a crib, {{short for}} Falk och amiralen skulle anhålla att få inträda som betalande ledamöter i krubban Falk and the admiral would apply to join the crib [charity] as paying members
related terms:
  • barnkrubba
  • julkrubba
  • krubbitare
verb: {{sv-verb}}
  1. (slang) to eat Sista frukosten krubbade vi i oss i den här fina parken. The last breakfast we ate in this fine park.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a pot (clay vessel, especially one for flowers)
  2. (colloquial) a coward
related terms:
  • badkruka
  • blomkruka
  • krukfat
  • krukmakare
  • krukskärva
  • krukväxt
  • störtkruka
krympling etymology From Old Norse kryppill, from Proto-Germanic *krupilaz, from Proto-Indo-European *grewb-.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (dated, derogatory) a cripple, a disabled person
kryss pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. crossing, junction
  2. cross (in particular diagonally oriented, as in the letter "x")
  3. crossword puzzle
  4. (colloquial, sports) a draw, a tie
  5. {{defn}}
Synonyms: (crossing) korsning, (cross) kors (especially if oriented as in the sign "+"), (crossword puzzle) korsord, (draw, tie) oavgjort (resultat)
related terms:
  • kryssa
kröka pronunciation
  • /ˈkrøːka/
verb: {{head}}
  1. (transitive) to curve, to bend
  2. (reflexive) to curve; to bend or turn gradually from a given direction Vägen kröker sig åt höger. The road curves to the right.
  3. (informal) to booze
related terms:
  • krök
  • krökning
kuk etymology From Old Norse kokkr, from Proto-Germanic *kukkaz. Cognate with English cock.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) a penis, a cock
kula pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a small ball made of earthenware, glass (marble) or a similar hard material; marble: spela kula; of steel in a ball bearing; sphere; testicle, often in the compound pungkula
  2. bullet En kula träffade honom rakt i tinningen. "A bullet hit him right in the temple.
  3. (slang, chiefly, in the plural) money Jag har tjänat massa kulor med den här bilen. "I've made tons of cash with this car."
kulturberikare etymology From kultur + be- + rik + -are, an enricher of culture. Used by immigration-critical Swedes as a mockery of Swedish politically correct media ("hån mot svensk pk-media").[ ”Kulturberikare” – en käftsmäll till etablissemanget], blog post by [[w:Kent Ekeroth|Kent Ekeroth]], Sverigedemokraterna, April 4, 2010.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (derogatory, slang) an immigrant (often one who commits a crime, where the crime is satirically described as a "cultural enrichment")
kuta pronunciation
  • /ˈkʉːˌta/
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial) to run; to move very quickly on two feet
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial) to crash, to demolish, to destroy
kvart pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a quarter (one of four equal parts)
  2. a quarter of an hour, 15 minutes
  3. (colloquial) a small apartment
related terms:
  • knarkarkvart
  • kvartsfinal
  • kvartsliter
  • kvartsmil
  • kvartsrast
  • kvartssamtal
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) house, building
  2. (slang) prison
  3. (poker) full house, a combination of a pair and three-of-a-kind
kåt etymology From Old Norse kátr. pronunciation
  • /koːt/, [kʰoːt]
adjective: {{sv-adj}}
  1. (slang) horny sexually aroused
  2. (obsolete) jolly, glad, cheerful
käftis {{was fwotd}} pronunciation
  • /ˈɕɛftɪsː/
etymology käft + is
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) a dentist Skall till käftis i morgon och dra ut en tand. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow to pull out a tooth.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) food (which is cooked and ready to eat)
related terms:
  • käka
  • käke
käka etymology From Proto-Germanic *krāk- (compare Danish krage, Icelandic kráka), itself out of Proto-Indo-European *greh₂-k- 〈*greh₂-k-〉 (compare Latin grāculus ‘jackdaw’, Serbo-Croatian ). More at croak.
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (slang) to eat
related terms:
  • käk
kära pronunciation
  • /ˈɕɛːˌra/
  • Homophones: tjära
adjective: {{head}}
  1. {{sv-adj-form-abs-def+pl}}
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. to sue, to indict, to petition
  2. (colloquial) to fall in love (in the expression: kära ner sig)
related terms:
  • käran
  • käromål
etymology 1 From Old Norse keyra, from Proto-Germanic *kaurijaną, *karjaną. More at cair. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
  • /ˈɕœ̞ːra/
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. drive; to operate a (motorized) vehicle (with wheels).
  2. (computing) to execute, run
  3. (colloquial) to flunk, fail (an exam for instance)
Synonyms: (to fail) kugga
etymology 2 From the noun kör, from Latin chorus. pronunciation
  • /ˈkœ̞ːra/
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. to sing in a choir
  2. to sing as a backing vocalist
related terms:
  • (sing in a choir) kör
körd etymology {{sv-verb-form-pastpart}}
adjective: {{head}}
  1. driven bilen är bara körd på söndagarna the car has been driven only on Sundays hans ekonomi är körd i botten his economy is at rock bottom
  2. lost, hopeless loppet är nog kört för hans del he has probably already lost this round
  3. (slang) (of a person) lost, hopeless, pointless, stupid du är ju helt körd you're so f-cking lost
etymology 1 {{rfe}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. skua; a seabird in the family Stercorariidae
  2. a paw, a mitt
  3. (colloquial) a big hand
  4. (colloquial) an experiment conducted in a laboratory, especially within teaching (short for laboration)
etymology 2 {{rfe}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) lab; laboratory (short for laboratorium)
lacka ur
verb: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) to become very (possibly uncontrollably) angry
lagga etymology From English lag.
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (slang, about a computer program) to fall behind, to run (too) slowly
lakan etymology From Old Swedish lakan, from Late Old Norse lak, lakan, from osx lakan, from Proto-Germanic *lakaną. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. sheet (bedsheet)
  2. (slang) 1000 SEK (Swedish crowns) or similarly of other currency; a grand
adjective: {{sv-adj}}
  1. lame, unable to move any limbs
  2. (slang) lame, inefficient, imperfect, almost ridiculously so Det var ett lamt försök. Gör ditt bästa istället! That was a lame attempt. Do your best instead!
lammkött etymology From Old Swedish lamba kiøt, equivalent to lamm + kött. pronunciation
  • /ˈlamːˌɕœtː/
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. mutton Lammköttet är slut i alla butiker. "All the stores are out of mutton."
  2. (slang, derogatory) A young person, usually female, as an object of sexual desire; nymphet. Det var massor med läckert lammkött på festen igår. "There was plenty of scrumptious nymphets at the party yesterday."
landkrabba etymology land ‘land’ + krabba ‘crab’. Attested since 1788. pronunciation
  • /ˈlandˌkrabːa/
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (nautical, pejorative) A person unfamiliar with sea or seamanship; a landlubber. Vi har bara odugliga landkrabbor i den här besättningen! There are nothing but useless landlubbers in this crew!
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. to throw or give something to someone
  2. (slang) to buy liquor on behalf of youngsters who themselves are too young to be allowed to do it
related terms:
  • langare
  • langning
lapp etymology Originally a pejorative term, likely gem in origin - akin to Middle High German lappe. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a patch, a piece of any flexible material, used to cover a hole in something; such as a piece of fabric used over a hole in a piece of clothing
  2. a small piece of paper; a note
  3. (dated, now derogatory) a Lap, a Sami person; a person of the Sami people
  • The word same is now the preferred ethnic term. Compare the shift in English from "Indian" to "Native American"/"Aboriginal person".
related terms:
  • (patch) lappa, lappning, lapptäcke
  • (piece of paper) lapplisa, papperslapp
  • (sami) lappdräkt, lappkåta, Lappland
Synonyms: (Sami) same (now preferred)
lax etymology From Old Norse lax, from Proto-Germanic *lahsaz. The 1000kr meaning comes from the color of the 1000kr bill which was the same color as a salmon. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. salmon
  2. (slang) a bill with nominal value 1000 kronor or the corresponding amount of money
abbreviation: {{rfc-header}} {{head}}
  1. certified, authorized; indicating an authorized medical doctor, not a quack. abbreviation of legitimerad
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) ID card showing the owner's age; abbreviation of legitimation jag fick visa leg på systemet at the state monopoly liquor store, they asked me to verify my age
leksandlåda {{wikipedia}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. sandbox, sandpit
Synonyms: sandlåda (informal)
verb: {{head}}
  1. {{sv-verb-form-imp}}
  1. (slang) instance of sexual intercourse
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial) to play (a sport, an instrument or a game)
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) a logo, a logotype; contraction of logotyp
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. to log (make an entry in a log), to measure, to record logga in, logga ut log in, log out
related terms:
  • logg
  • loggare
  • loggbok
  • logger
  • loggning
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) logo, short for logotyp Den nya logon är en tolkning av ... The new logo is an interpretation of ... apoteken ska marknadsföras med nya logor the pharmacies will be marketed with new logos
verb: {{head}}
  1. {{sv-verb-form-past}}
  • A more common shorthand is logga, whose plural (loggorna) is easier to distinguish from lågorna, the plural of låga.
loppis etymology loppa + is
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) a flea market (short for loppmarknad)
related terms:
  • bakluckeloppis
lucka pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
etymology From Old Swedish loka, luka, from Old Norse lúka, from Proto-Germanic *lūkaną, from Proto-Indo-European *lewg-. Compare English lock.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a gap, a hole, an open slot, a small empty room en lucka i lagen a legal loophole
  2. a hatch (that covers an open slot)
  3. a service desk or box office damen i luckan the lady behind the counter
  4. (colloquial) a barrack room
lägga en pizza etymology Literally "to lay down a pizza".
idiom: lägga en pizza
  1. (slang) to vomit
lägga rabarber på etymology Humorous corruption of embargo with the similar sounding rabarber. First attested in the satirical publication Nya Nisse, 1893.
verb: {{head}}
  1. (idiomatic, colloquial) To appropriate something; to get one's hands on something. Jag kommer (att) lägga rabarber på de där kakorna. "I'm going to take some of those cookies." literally: "I'm going to place rhubarbs on those cookies."
etymology From English hello.
interjection: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial, Internet) hi; hello
Along with its variant form lo, is often used in online computer game chatting and in instant messaging, where it serves as a short greeting that also identifies the user as Swedish.
lök etymology From Old Norse laukr, from Proto-Norse ᛚᚨᚢᚲᚨᛉ 〈ᛚᚨᚢᚲᚨᛉ〉, from Proto-Germanic *laukaz. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. onion; a genus of plants. See also Allium
  2. the bulb-shaped root portion of a plant such as a tulip, from which the rest of the plant may be regrown
  3. (slang) a female breast
  4. (slang) being lazy
In case of cooking etc. it refers to gul lök (onion)
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) a sandwich, specifically an open sandwich
Synonyms: smörgås
mamma pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
  • [ˈmamː.a]
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. mom (US), mommy (US), mum (UK), mummy (UK)
  • pappa
Synonyms: mor, moder, morsa (slang)
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial, computer science) to map
  2. (slang, geography) to map
related terms:
  • mappning
Synonyms: avbilda, kartlägga, tilldela
adjective: {{head}}
  1. {{sv-adj-form-abs-def-m}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. female owner of a pet; {{short for}}
  2. (colloquial) maths; {{short for}}
meck etymology Derived from the verb mecka, "to fix, to repair; to tinker with; to prepare drugs for consumption". pronunciation
  • /mɛkː/
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) A complicated situation or occurrence. Det var ett riktigt meck att montera den bokhyllan. "Putting together this bookshelf was really difficult."
  2. (slang) Cannabis that has been prepared for smoking. Stoppa mecket i pipan så vi kan röka. "Put the stuff in the pipe so we can smoke it."
mecka pronunciation
  • : /ˈmɛˌkːa/; alternative pronunciation for verb definitions 1 and 2, /ˈmeːˌka/.
etymology 1 Probably derived from mekanik or mekaniker. Definition 3 of the verb can be found in lyrics in popular music from 1994 (see citations) and is most likely derived from definitions 1 and 2. Alternative forms: meka (more standard)
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial) to repair or improve a car or technical equipment Hon meckar med sin bil på lördagarna. She works on her car on Saturdays.
  2. (colloquial) to tinker with Nu har jag meckat med den här datorn i timmar utan att förstå hur den funkar. I've tinkered with this computer for hours without understanding how it works.
  3. (slang) to prepare cannabis for consumption (through smoking) Kan du mecka klart den där jointen någon gång? Can you finish that joint already?
related terms:
  • repair, tinker: meck, meckig
  • slang term: meckish
etymology 2 Attested since 1965 according to Nationalencyklopediens ordbok. From the Swedish spelling of Mecca, the holiest site of Islam.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. mecca; a pilgrimage site, a shrine, a place where something has been developed or refined, or where this is particularly well-represented and common Jag ska åka till Las Vegas, hasardspelens mecka. I'm going to Las Vegas, the gambling mecca.
Synonyms: vallfärdsplats
meckig pronunciation
  • /ˈmeˌkːɪ(ɡ)/
etymology Derived from meck, "complicated situation", and mecka, "to fix; to tinker with". Formed by adding the adjective suffix -ig, "-y"; so it's meck + ig.
adjective: {{sv-adj}}
  1. (colloquial) Complicated, difficult or disconcerting; tricky Det kommer bli meckigt att få min familj att acceptera min nya partner. "It'll be tricky to get my family to accept my new partner."
pronoun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) variant of mig
mellis etymology mellan + is
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (dated, slang) mellanöl; medium strong beer, sold in Sweden 1965-1977.
  2. (slang) mellanmål; a snack between meals. 5 kladdfria mellisar att ha med på bilresan 5 non-messy snacks to bring in the car
mens etymology {{rfe}} pronunciation {{rfp}}
conjunction: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) while; contraction of medan Jag dukar fram frukost mens du duschar. I’ll arrange breakfast while you take a shower
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. contraction of menstruation
  2. {{sv-noun-form-indef-gen}}
  3. {{sv-noun-form-indef-gen-pl}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a group of small birds (latin name Parus)
  2. the metal frame of a backpack
  3. (colloquial, derogatory) a coward
related terms:
  • blåmes
messa pronunciation
  • {{homophones}}
verb: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) to send an SMS message, to text. {{short for}}
miffo etymology Short form of missfoster
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) an idiot, a freak, a weird, stupid person (strongly derogatory)
mikro etymology Contraction of mikrovågsugn
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) microwave oven
numeral: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) {{short for}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) an amount of money corresponding to one million (of a given currency)
mojäng pronunciation
  • /mʊˈjɛŋ/
etymology From French moyen
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) gadget, utility
moona etymology From English moon
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (vulgar) to moon: to show one’s buttocks
moppe etymology contraction of moped
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) a moped
related terms:
  • flakmoppe
interjection: {{head}}
  1. (slang) Hi!
noun: {{head}}
  1. {{sv-noun-form-indef-gen}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) mother
Synonyms: mamma, mor
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. mug; a large cup
  2. mug or cup; travel mug, children's mug
  3. (informal, definite form singular only) the toilet
mus etymology From Old Norse mús, from Proto-Germanic *mūs, from Proto-Indo-European *muH₁s- 〈*muH₁s-〉. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. mouse; small rodent of the genus Mus; especially species Mus musculus
  2. (computing) a computer mouse; an input device
  3. (colloquial) a pussy; female genitalia
Synonyms: (small rodent) Mus musculus, (input device) datormus, (female genitalia) fitta (vulgar)
related terms: animal
  • hasselmus
  • husmus
  • musfälla
  • musgrå
  • muskel
  • näbbmus
  • datormus
  • musarm
  • musknapp
  • musmatta
  • muspekare
mutkolv etymology First attested 1733. Probably a corruption of mutkorv, from muta + korv, an archaic nickname for policemen and warders.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) A person who takes bribe.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, colloquial) cunt, the female genitalia.
noun: måsvinge
  1. (typography, colloquial) curly bracket, brace
  2. gull-wing; car door which opens upwards
Synonyms: (curly bracket) klammerparentes, spetsparentes
mög etymology From Old Norse mykr, myki. Cognate with Danish møg or derived from it. pronunciation
  • /møːɡ/
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (uncountable, colloquial, southern Sweden) junk, trash
  2. (uncountable, colloquial, southern Sweden) dirt
interjection: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial, southern Sweden) crap
nalle {{wikipedia}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (playfully) a bear
  2. a teddybear, teddy bear or teddy
  3. (colloquial) mobile phone; contraction of yuppienalle
Synonyms: nallebjörn (teddy bear), teddybjörn (teddy bear)
neger etymology From French nègre, from Spanish negro, from Latin niger.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (derogatory, now, offensive) a negro, a black person
  • The word, having derogatory connotations, has been avoided since the 1960s, primarily in favor of svart and afrikan
Synonyms: blåman, svarting, negerboll, negerkyss, negerslav, blåneger
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (derogatory, now, offensive) a black slave
  • Usually about the historical slaves of southern USA, but can mean any black person who is used as a slave.
related terms:
  • negerboll
  • negerkyss
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (derogatory) negress, a black female
related terms:
  • neger
The word is not necessarily derogatory but it can be perceived as such.
nere pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
adverb: {{head}}
  1. down, below, downstairs, at the far end of
  2. (colloquial) down, sad, depressed (of humans)
  3. down, offline, not available (of computers and online services) tjänsten ligger nere the service is down Webbsajten kommer att vara nere imorgon bitti. Den planerade nertiden är två timmar. Sajten tas/stängs ner klockan 8. The website will be down tomorrow morning. The planned downtime is two hours. The site is taken/shut down at 8 o'clock.
nick pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
etymology 1 {{rfe}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. nod (movement of the head to indicate agreement)
  2. header (in football)
Synonyms: (header): nickning c, (nod): nickning c
etymology 2 From the English nickname
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) nick, nickname
nigger {{wikipedia}} etymology Attested since 1888 according to Svenska Akademiens ordbok. From English nigger. pronunciation
  • /ˈnɪɡːer/
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, offensive, dated) nigger, variant of neger.
Synonyms: blatte, neger, svarting, svartskalle
interjection: {{head}}
  1. (slang) not, no (negative response to a question) Någon undrade om guldfonder, men nix sade Claes, alltför osäkert. Someone asked about gold funds, but Claes said "nope, too risky". - Är det någon vi känner? Frågade pappa. - Nix, svarade jag. Dad asked "Is it someone we know?" "No", I answered.
Synonyms: nix pix
nollåtta etymology From the area code for the greater Stockholm area, 08, or in Swedish "noll åtta"
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (slang) Stockholmer; person from Stockholm
Can be derogatory, but is occasionally used also among people from Stockholm. Synonyms: Stockholmare, Stockholmsbo
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. (colloquial) take without permission; nick, steal Vem har norpat den sista kakan ur burken? Who took the last cookie from the can?
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