The Alternative Thai Dictionary: ตุ๋ย

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ตุ๋ย 〈tǔy〉 etymology After the nickname of a Thai government officer arrested over raping schoolboys in 1998. pronunciation
  • [tuj˩˥]
verb: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) (of male) to penetrate a male's anus with one's penis for sexual purpose; to perform anal sex on (a male).
Synonyms: กินถั่วดำ 〈kin t̄hạ̀wdả〉, ขุดทอง 〈k̄hud thxng〉, ฉิ่งฉับ 〈c̄hìng c̄hạb〉, ซิก 〈sik〉, ถั่วดำ 〈t̄hạ̀wdả〉, ฟันดาบ 〈fạndāb〉, เย 〈ye〉, ระเบิดถังขี้ 〈rabeid t̄hạng k̄hī̂〉, ลงเรือ 〈lng reụ̄x〉, อัดตูด 〈xạd tūd〉, อัดถั่วดำ 〈xạd t̄hạ̀wdả〉

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