The Alternative Thai Dictionary: เบา

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เบา 〈beā〉
verb: {{th-verb}}
  1. to relieve, to relax, to lighten, to lessen, to get better, to abate
  2. to slow down, to decelerate, to retard, to slow up
  3. to urinate, to relieve oneself, to pee
adjective: {{th-adj}}
  1. soft, gentle
  2. lower (of volume)
  3. slow, not fast
  4. light, not heavy (of weight)
  5. (colloquial) unintelligent, dumb, gullible
Synonyms: เบาๆ 〈beā«〉
adverb: {{th-adv}}
  1. softly, gently
Synonyms: เบาๆ 〈beā«〉
noun: {{th-noun}}
  1. urine

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