The Alternative Vietnamese Dictionary: âm

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âm pronunciation {{vi-pron}}
etymology 1 {{vi-etym-sino}}
noun: {{vi-noun}}
  1. sound
  2. (linguistics, phonetics, colloquial) phone, short for âm tố 〈âm tố〉 or ngữ âm 〈ngữ âm〉
  3. (linguistics, phonology, colloquial) phoneme, short for âm tố 〈âm tố〉 or âm vị 〈âm vị〉
  4. (linguistics, colloquial) syllable, short for âm tiết 〈âm tiết〉
Synonyms: âm thanh
etymology 2 {{vi-etym-sino}}
noun: {{vi-noun}}
  1. yin
adjective: {{vi-adj}}
  1. related to yin
  2. related to the feminine, of feminine characteristic
  3. related to or associated with the underworld, hell

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