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chữ 〈chữ〉 etymology {{vi-etym-sino}} Cognate with mtq chữ 〈chữ〉. pronunciation {{vi-pron}}
noun: {{vi-noun}}
  1. alphabet, writing system, script chữ quốc ngữ Vietnamese alphabet (literally, "national language characters") chữ Hán Han characters; Chinese characters
  2. letter, character symbol in an alphabet chữ A the letter A viết chữ hoa to capitalize hình chữ thập a cross shape (which also happens to be a Chinese character, {{vi-l}})
  3. writing
  4. handwriting characteristic writing of a particular person chữ viết rất đẹp very beautiful handwriting chữ như gà bới chicken scratch illegible handwriting
  5. (informal) a syllable, especially written câu thơ bảy chữ a seven-syllable (seven-word) line in a poem
  6. (informal, by extension) a word (as each syllable is written as a separate word in Vietnamese) Dùng chữ chính xác.
  7. (informal) sinoxenic vocabulary sính dùng chữ to be fond of using Chinese terms/expressions
  8. (obsolete, literature) ancient words sách có chữ rằng the book says
  9. (obsolete) an old type of coin Một đồng một chữ cũng không có. to have not even one piastre or one chữ; to be very poor
  • (ancient words) Used when quoting Chinese texts.
Synonyms: (alphabet) {{vi-l}}, {{vi-l}}, (letter) {{vi-l}}, (writing) {{vi-l}}, (handwriting) {{vi-l}}, (syllable) {{vi-l}}, (word) {{vi-l}}

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