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con etymology From Proto-Vietic *kɔːn, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *kuun or *kuən; cognates include omx kon, Khmer កូន 〈កូន〉, bdq kon, mtq con pronunciation {{vi-IPA}}
noun: {{vi-noun}}
  1. child daughter or son
pronoun: {{vi-pronoun}}
  1. I (refers to oneself when speaking to their parent(s))
  2. (familiar or dialectal) I (refers to oneself when speaking to a (presumably) much older person, or one's grandparent(s))
  3. you (addressed to one's son or daughter)
  4. (familiar or dialectal) you (addressed to a (presumably) much younger person, or one's grandchild)
classifier: {{vi-cls}}
  1. Indicates animals (including the human), knives, boats and ships
  2. (informal) Indicates wheeled vehicles Anh mày có hẳn hai con xe Honda đấy nhớ! I have two Honda motorbikes!
  • cái

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